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  1. Hey! Just wanna say that I've spent the last two days poring over your RoR thread and, I'm sure you get this a lot, but I want to help! So tremendously bad. It's so ambitious, so professional...I'd do anything! I can voice act, help write, check spelling/grammar (I'm the text editor for my high school's yearbook...it's kind of my thing) -- anything I could possibly do.


    Oh! Back to the voice acting thing -- I have a handful of friends who have experience doing voices for fandubs and webdramas and stuff. I'm sure they'd love to jump on board, as well! Let me know! :D


    - TC

  2. I guess! I wouldn't say they're my favorite alien, but Twi'leks are pretty high on my list. It seems you're partial to Mandalorians?

  3. Although that's not to say that wouldn't be a plausible happening.

  4. It's the first picture on Wookiepedia's article on Twi'leks! If you did see it on DeviantArt, however, and if you ever manage to find it again, link me to the artist's main page -- I think they're great!

  5. I had seen a Team Hssiss mod on KoTORFiles, I Googled you, and then I found your ProBoards.

  6. The Team Hssiss board, you mean? If so, then yeah! I've been there a few times! Mandalor was actually the guy who got me to register here.

  7. Hah, I'll work on that. :p Right now I'm working on coaxing myself into making a signature.

  8. Hey! Thanks so much for the welcome. (And please, just call me TC. The dashes were necessary only because I needed at least 3 characters, lol.)

  9. Ooh, a link!


    Thanks Mand'alor!

  10. I've modeled an axe thing, and two knives. They're all modeled after weapons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not sure if you're familiar with the show or not.

  11. Then I have a few questions for you!


    First off, I've been interested in modding ever since I found KoTOR files. Now that I actually have KoTOR on my PC, my interest has skyrocketed. I've made a few models I want to stick in the game, except I have no idea how to put textures (is that what they're called?) on them and get them in the game. Any way you could maybe help me out here?

  12. There! I'm all av'd out.


    So, you're a modder, right?

  13. I'm having technical issues, sorry for the double-post thing.


    And thanks so much for the help you're providing and stuff. I hope I'm not bothering you.

  14. Alright, cool!


    I plan on making myself a sig, as well. Is there a size limit for those?

  15. Alright, sweetness!


    I plan on making myself a sig, as well. Is there a size limit for those? (I would just read the FAQ, but, as I've previously mentioned, lazy is me.)

  16. Haha! I literally just opened GIMP and am in my User CP right now. Thanks for the offer, but I can manage. Wouldn't wanna put you out or anything. I do have a question though, is there a preferred maximum size for custom avvys?

  17. I've been foruming since I was nine, haha.


    And yes, I figured as such! Otherwise your conversing with me would barely make sense, lol!

  18. Well, site registering just happens to be one of my special skills. :p

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