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  1. http://w11.zetaboards.com/SWEC_RP/index/
  2. Hello friends, I am a representative from one of the best Roleplaying community that exists now for almost three years. We based our roleplaying on JKA, but also with one of the heavy mods that alter the combat[based on OJP 1.2.], inset many emotes, and simply makes your roleplaying experience more enjoying. Currently also, we are operating on three servers, and have a base of active players of 20-30 people, while around 100 registered. Our story is based four years after the story of KOTOR II. If you are interested, visit this link and check out our place: http://z15.invisionfree.com/Jedi_Knight_Roleplay/index.php? Cheers, and we hope you will have fun.
  3. Hello friends, I am a representative from the Roleplaying Community called Forgotten Legends. We are operating on JKA+Our own mod that makes your roleplaying experience more immerse. Currently, we have three servers, weekly events with 20+ people, around 3 years of experience[We exist that much, but changed forums quite a few times]. If you are interested, check this link out: http://s15.zetaboards.com/FL_RP/index/ Hope to see you there, Cheers.
  4. Hello all, I am representing a roleplaying community that is using OJP 1.2 Mod. It is a community that basically changed many names[JKA_WW, JKRP and such] but the base players staid the same, also we changed mods frequently but now we are stationed on OJP 1.2. If anyone is interested into roleplaying and enjoy Star Wars lorce combined with great lightsaber dueling mechanics, please do check the link, perhaps you will enjoy it as we do. As said before, we have a steady base of players, currently it moves around 20-30. Currently we have 2 servers, as it is enough for any roleplay we make, perhaps it will expand later on to three servers. http://forums.jk-rp.com/index.php Hope to see you there - Danny W
  5. If you are searching for an RP or a warm up before TOR, this is the place for you. Check it out and join the story. http://jk-rp.com/forums/
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