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  1. I think Alexandra recorded over Skype for the Special Editions since she was in the UK. If she had that small a role in this one, I feel like they could’ve just done the same again. But Ron’s tweet makes it sound like they did fly her in to record in person. Plus at one point, there was a consideration to make Elaine playable in ReMI, so if the story is still similar, I’d imagine she’ll at least have a fairly significant role. Also, voice recording is done and no mention of the Voodoo Lady so far. Am going to take a guess and say that she’s the character from Ron’s “character lineup” tweet that’s not returning. Maybe Tales already pretty much covered what his original plans were for her, so he’s decided to sidestep her for this game.
  2. MI is still very much a niche property for adventure gamers at the end of the day (in that it is very rarely referenced outside of the adventure game genre and the average joe in the street most likely wouldn't be able to name it), but as with most niche properties, the fans are more likely to be proportionately more loyal and devoted than if it were a mainstream property, since it feels more personal. Hell, most of the people on these forums were here 12-13 years ago for Tales and the Special Editions, if not 22-25 years ago for Curse and Escape! The community is smaller, but also more devoted. That being said, when the ReMI announcement trailer came out, it was fluctuating between the #5 and #10 trending spots on YouTube worldwide, and not just in gaming! That has to be a good sign. Granted that I doubt the release itself will garner the same level of attention, nor the second trailer most likely, but just the fact that MI was back after all this time was enough for even casual gamers to be shocked and happy with the news, if not ecstatic.
  3. "Stan's Previously On Monkey Island!" That sounds pretty interesting, actually. Wonder if they're planning to recap Curse-Tales or if it would just focus on the first two games.
  4. Definitely going to replay the whole series in the leadup to ReMI, but would prefer to have a release date first so that there isn't a long gap between finishing the original games and starting ReMI. My plan is to play the Non-Ron Trilogy (CMI, EMI and TMI) followed by the Ron Trilogy (SMI, MI2, ReMI) so that MI2 can lead naturally into the new game! Since it feels strange to begin at Curse, however, I may play the classic modes of MI1/2 beforehand, and then my MI1/2 playthroughs before the new game will be the SE's. (That way, too, I'd be moreorless playing them in the order of release!) MI aside, I want to have a Lucas/Lucas-esque marathon at some point to celebrate ReMI's release. The DoubleFine remasters. Hit The Road (plus the Skunkape remasters). The other Lucas games. Thimbleweed Park (which I've only played on release and not with the patches). And Broken Age, which I have yet to play.
  5. Going back a bit in this thread... After all these years, I genuinely never considered Guybrush entering Melee Island through the archway at the top of the mountain before. Now Ron's hinting that it might be important... Another "underground tunnel" entrance would be my guess.
  6. Maybe if Stan's scenes take place after Tales, it might make more sense. Otherwise, I guess Stan just goes through voices depending on the business he's trying to push! (Think the cabinet of heads in Return To Oz but with voiceboxes...) "Naked attorney at law!" Hehe. Some 1970's sitcom style shot framing would probably be appropriate in that instance! Knowing Stan, though, I'd imagine he'd have a new career before settling on law! (Wonder what it'll be in this game, thinking about it... Don't think we've had a "Previously Owned" business since MI2.)
  7. Yeah, I'd be happy with Chalk too. And having a past relationship with Ron makes it more likely, I think. I'm going to take and guess that we'll, at the very least, hear a preview of him if there's a new trailer for Summer Game Fest. Looks like Gavin Hammond is confirmed as Stan, then! Though it does make the continuity of the whole thing weird, we've been there and back with Elaine before, and Hammond was great in Tales.
  8. Dom! Welcome back! Can't wait to hear you as Guybrush again after all these years! ( Actually, while you're here, do you know who is voicing LeChuck in the game at this point? And have you heard their performance?... ) Next week is Summer Game Fest, so I feel it's pretty likely that we'll finally see some more ReMI content there. I'm gonna predict a new trailer and a release date. Feels like ages since the last official piece of news!
  9. Maybe the "Mysts of Tyme" where Guybrush meets himself in the swamp? Guybrush initially thinks the "other him" is just Pegnose disguised as him again, but upon confirming that they're both thinking the same number, he believes they are one in the same. (You can also shoot the other Guybrush with the gun that he gives you! It causes a paradox later, but still, it's a fun easter egg!)
  10. Yeah, I thought the insult sword fighting in Tales was a nice evolution of that puzzle, in the sense of making it three-way, complimenting one participant and insulting the other. But I don't know how much potential it would have beyond that puzzle given that it was pretty straightforward. The Insult Sword Fighting in SMI, while it could be tedious, did involve more trial and error due to the variations of insults/comebacks that were available, and CMI was pretty much the same puzzle just with rhyming. EMI's Insult Arm Wrestling was essentially the same puzzle but without the grinding of finding the insults first (and there is also an optional Insult Sword Fighting in Ozzie's house that you can never win due to his use "Australia-themed insults" which Guybrush can only respond with variations of "What?!" "I didn't get that" etc. which I enjoyed!) Maybe we'll have a callback in some form, but given how MI2 didn't repeat too much from SMI in terms of puzzles, storylines, etc. maybe ReMI will also move on and give us mostly new material, puzzles, etc. Something that takes advantage of Ron's new game engine would make it unique too. P.S. Go to 8:48 to get a vague idea of how much knowledge Ron still has on Insult Sword Fighting...
  11. I definitely had the feeling in MI1SE that the game wasn’t meant to be read, and could feel some of the actors struggling with many of the lines, but you’re right, the fundamentals were all there and in place. They likely just needed better direction, and the overseers of the voicework likely needed more farmiliarity with the material. Some still came out perfectly, though. Like LeChuck and the storekeeper. I definitely had that feeling far less in MI2SE. Maybe it’s just down to it being a better written game in terms of dialogue, or maybe the direction improved, but I felt the cast, particularly Dom, managed that game a lot better.
  12. I have a theory that the word "love" being spoken aloud was a result of the word being present in the "dialogue dump" from the games' script. The word appeared in the Guybrush script, so they had Dom read it just to cover all bases, likely without having a clue where it appeared in the game! Plus. the joke is ruined in the SE on two accounts. With subtitles on, the word "love" isn't positioned properly over his face, and with the subtitles off, the word doesn't even appear! I doubt that part went through any kind of testing!
  13. I've been meaning to play Broken Age since it became available for free during the pandemic. Will get around to that at some point soon. Also need to replay Thimbleweed Park as I've not played it since launch, and not with the patched updates at all. I actually did replay the MI games over the Christmas holidays after receiving the complete, ultra definitive never-gonna-be-another-one Monkey Island Anthology Collection from LimitedRun ( ) but am definitely going to have to do it again with ReMI coming out. Maybe I'll build up to it by playing Curse - Tales, then MI1/2 leading straight into ReMI. I only finished playing the outstanding LucasFilm/LucasArts games a few years back. I never played Zak McKracken to the end until then as I just found the dead ends so frustrating, but eventually beat it using a walkthrough, ultimately feeling like I wasn't missing much barring the awesome theme tune. That may have also been the first time I'd finished The Dig too. Will likely replay all the Sam & Max's when The Devil's Playhouse remastered arrives. I like playing these games in a set if you haven't worked that out yet!
  14. I'd imagine that with 10,000 bugs currently open, it would be a struggle to even get the game to run!
  15. Yeah, I'd be happy with Garry Chalk. And I believe he could be a strong possibility as well since he's already worked with Ron on Thimbleweed Park. Wonder if they've cast the role/recorded yet...
  16. Yeah, I'd usually follow that mindset too when recasting a character, but given that it's just this one game* , I'd rather have a performance that tries to follow along the lines of the LeChuck we've gotten to know and love. (Though admittedly, Boen is a hell of an act to follow!) I feel like the other recastings in the series were a lesser issue. Stan's voice changes in every new game it seems (and from our discussion the other day, that may have been welcomed!) and Elaine in EMI, I always assumed was American just to make the Herman Toothrot twist seem vaguely plausible. (They could've made Herman British, I guess, but that would've probably been a giveaway!) LeChuck is more important to get right, in my opinion. I trust them to make the right choice in regards to him. *I'm presuming that Monkey Island will be done after this. At least in its' current form. We're getting Ron's third game and the closure that his trilogy never had, and let's be honest, may not be lucky enough to have all of the series' talent still with us in the years to come. I think a rerelease of CMI, EMI and TMI, all remastered and ported to consoles, is increasingly more likely, however.
  17. I just don't want LeChuck's voice to sound really different/off just for this one game. That'll stand out tremendously if practically everybody else feels like (literally) a voice from the past except for him. I hope they get somebody who can imitate Boen's delivieries/voice closely enough while still giving a great performance. Similar to what Kevin Blackton did with human LeChuck in Tales. While we're throwing in suggestions, I remember there was a character in The Devil's Playhouse who sounded similar to LeChuck at times (the squid that lived inside Papierwaite, I forget the characters' name, I'm sorry!) If they can achieve the best of both worlds, I'll be happy.
  18. August is a solid guess. I think July could also be possible too dependent on how much more there is to do. I'm gonna predict we'll have a release date, the full cast, and a main trailer this time next month. While there's been so much speculation, appreciation and apprehension about the visuals from all corners of the MI community, I'm just sat here hoping LeChuck's new voice doesn't suck.
  19. The game is in the testing stages... If Devolver are due to appear at Summer Game Fest as expected (thanks to @OzzieMonkey for confirming it begins 9th June), I don't think it's a stretch to assume we'll have a release date by then...
  20. This is like when EMI's first screenshots came out and we were theorising over zoomed-in, pixellised areas of the backgrounds for information about the game.
  21. Yeah, that was discussed a while back. That character walks back/forth several times across the trailer, which makes me think that is is indeed Guybrush!
  22. Woah, nicely done! He looks almost jolly without the hat! Would've never pictured LeChuck being bald, I always imagined he'd have long, thick flowing locks of hair!
  23. I think we've got it! He'll steal Stan's jacket! It also just now occurs to me that we've never seen LeChuck without a hat before. That might be interesting. With his full head of unruly, gross, undead hair just floating on its' own in the wind...
  24. On that note, I wonder what form LeChuck might have in this game. Maybe he'll fluctuate between Chuckie and undead LeChuck throughout the story. If the game leads into Curse, he may very well be a zombie again. Otherwise... maybe a skeleton? (Also LeChuck in MI1 had a blue coat, and in MI2 had a red coat. Maybe this time he'll have a green coat!)
  25. Is E3 happening this year? If so, I'd imagine we'll hear something there. Otherwise, whatever the next big gaming event is should hopefully reveal some more info! I'm looking forward to seeing what all of the characters look like. Murray looked great in the preview, but to be fair, it's a skull! And I can't wait to hear brand new Guybrush Threepwood dialogue after all these years!
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