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  1. Ok, a bit of an update. I figured out what the issues were. The first one is that if you hack your player character to be levels far above, it seems that the game adjusts the difficulty of they droids. I was shocking them and they were one hit killing me. Also, installing kotor2 on an xbox has caused a lot of unusual errors. Any time the game does an automatic save something messes up.
  2. You know, until now I had zero clue there was a difficulty setting. Boy is my face red. I'll try that in a bit. As for modding, the closest thing to a mod I have is installing the game via XBMC to the hard drive of my xbox. Which speeds up load times a LOT.
  3. That's part of the issue. I'm not getting any of those items. I have scrubbed each area for every scrap of an item possible. I have received nothing that would allow me to get past those droids. Even ION equipment. Once in a while I get a hold of a shield or a ion grenade. Neither of which last very long. =\
  4. Ok, I have googled until my fingers have bled, and I can't seem to find an answer to this question. So here goes, and sorry if this question is common or whatnot, but I seriously am at my wits end. So I have played KOTOR I/II through from beginning to end half a dozen times with different choices/paths. Recently I dug out my xbox and repurchased both KOTOR games and started anew. Here's the issue. No matter how many times I try, no matter what choices I make, no matter how often I save and try again, that first section where you control T3 is impossible. The second I open that first door where the other droids are, they gang rape T3 and nothing works. I even tried lobbing grenades at them, then saving each time one connected. I try hiding around the corner, but they still find/rape poor T3. I need one repair part to open the security door, but no amount of searching turns one up. So I attempted to get around this with a hacked savegame, but I missed some key points and ended up leaving the station WITHOUT t3 in my party. The game progressed as normal until I finished up with the ice wench Jedis. The game went into a cutscene, and when it reached the part with T3, it stalled out and allowed me to run around a buggy Ebon Hawk. (It was actually somewhat interesting. Once I get my capture running again I'll grab some video of it) So does anyone have an answer for this horrible problem? I'm so sad watching T3 get violated over and over by those f#$%ing mining droids.
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