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  1. doraz half human/half mandalorian 21 twin lightsabers both blue,twin blastars, and a scoped beam-rifle he joined when the exile's allies liberated dxun. due to his mandalore blood, he has a code of honor. despite his training he has something of
  2. name- arashi togaz clothing- a jedi robe blade-blue with a golden hilt, has a jewel of his sister's physical features- a scar on his back a tatoo of the JK symbol on his bicep as he stepped onto his vessel the black hawk he heard his partner speak. {anyone who wants to play the part of the partner just post. a female is prefrebale}
  3. name-blades number-otc-588 sniping expert beta squad he is unusual for a clone due to his humor and his problem with orders. he and mace windu have a grudge.
  4. name: exodus planet: kasshhyyk style: red lightsaber and sniper rifle species:human info: his father killed his mother for food then he shot his father. this began his thirst for killing. when a sith came to the planet, he let him to his home and killed him with his own blade. a year later he killed the wookie village led by zaalbar. when czerka came he killed them and flew to korriban. he has short red hair and wears a cloak. under the cloak is mandalorian aussalt armor. he wears a mandalorian helmet. (rp) as exodus sat on the top of cliff overlooking the valley he noticed new prey. jedi. a fighter flew in. it was too risky. he was thirsty but not stupid. tuk'ata will do. for now. he aimed and........ BOOM! center-heart shot. he would be a good steak. a woman in a black cloakwas looking at him.......what was her name.......... nala. nalan deshan. she was pretty. when she showed her face. guess hunts over. in his chambers exodus kept trying to see that jedi's face. it was female. human. nothing. too late too hunt too early too talk to uthar. perfect for sparring. where is that draco........ ah. meditating. reach....out.....draco. meet me for a spar. then i need intel. "yes" he's fast. jer'kai. hows he like this. a bolt of lightning flew from each of exodus' tips. " there is a jedi on korriban." said exodus " find her and trap her in the tomb of lord zhaki. i will handle it from there." alright. 5 days later....... "exodus the jedi's name is namu. from ossus." good.
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