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  1. Im in the same situation. but im not sure lucasarts would be very happy about that. but i donno.
  2. I think im finally going to cave in. ive just recieved a kindle for christmas. im gonna catch up on the recent star wars books then start foa in hopes that the book will be done by the time i finish chapter 16.
  3. Ive also been holding off on this until its finished. can't wait.
  4. I REALLY like the backgrounds. very COMI like. but the sprites could use a little work. (this is based on the screen shots.)
  5. i actually only used admonishers version to fill in the cracks. if it counts for anything.
  6. eep! the download isnt working for me! edit: *facepalm* i was already downloading something from the same site.
  7. cool. this will fit nicely in my monkey island soundtrack collection. (ill be home by friday so please keep the download link up until then.)
  8. I hope you guys finish this. im on a mac so i would be lost without you!
  9. that is insane. you are my new favorite person.
  10. you have just roundhouse kicked my mind sir.
  11. wow i really like the two in lechucks fortress. can't wait for woodtick. *virtual high five*
  12. Yeah they never do explain it. But i find that if i hold down one finger anywhere on the screen and drag another finger either top to bottom or bottom to top on the screen it USUALLY works. But i dont know the proper maneuvers for these things. They make it way too complicated. (Why cant they make it an option in the pause menu?)
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