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  1. As its recently come to my attention GAMESPY are suddenly to remove online game support for a host of lucasarts titles. What is lucasarts planning to do about this quandary ?
  2. Here an updated vid illustrating various landmines and also some weps..
  3. Updated vidlinks in header post of work so far.. PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4
  4. Hi for those that don't already know if youre wanting to learn or engage in mapping or modding for swrc join sandcrawler forum. http://forums.sandcrawler.net/ http://umh.sandcrawler.net/index.php?page=tutorials A vast wealth of modmaps exist there already for your pleasure to download .
  5. Mandalore5 ... If in multiplayer you have the map HANGAR then you already have the UNREALEDITOR installed in your Lucasarts GameData System folder if you go in there and look for the Icon you can select it and right clik create new desktop shortcut,...and get modding from there...
  6. Hey there for a while ive been working on a new weapon expansion pak for swrc the mod will be a set of placeable weapons for mod map makers to use. The weapons will activate from mod map level and wont affect your normal game properties .. PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4
  7. goto http://www.xfire.com download it and install it its similar to messenger but for gamers. you can take in game screenshots and videos and communicate with gamer pals to arrange games thru it. Anyways as i mentioned above logon to your xfire then start republic commando goto your CREATE INTERNET GAME and at bottom in SETTINGS change to DEDICATED server then pick your various maps or settings then start . At first it will appear to crash the game thats ok and a small console window will appear. In your xfire pane at top youll see OPTIONS there in the drop down u select LAUNCH SWRC so you can launch using xfire and join your own server. Remember to close your console pane and reset your settings from dedicated to non dedicated when you play normally,
  8. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=208757 The JB mappack has a selection of maps but also it has 1 map OUTDOORS which has custom bots i helped jb with to make utilising all above i said. It also features some great files made by TAG PHOBOS JUMP which allows you to make super jumpz like sonic hedgehog from a pad and also TETHER which allows you to climb ropes in mp up buildings etc . also it contains his admin patch.
  9. You will need to make a new seperate animation set named different of the bots u want to use . Also make new BOTCONTROLLER CLASS and in this you can change the HOSTILESTIMULUS responses.SR_runtoward , melee attack etc Make your new pawn indexes under the trandoshan overpawn so they will have same team index.( ie an enemy) in the mesh set make it connect with the MPSET to make them more aggressive and you can change accuracy also. Hope that help
  10. I dont know about the triggers cyro maybe its made by skip or ccp originally. Yeah i dont know how you missed this either. Feel free to contact FEDE maybe you can help with ideas or input your creative juice to improve mod ..
  11. VIDLINK DLOAD http://white-legion.xooit.fr/portal.php
  12. Hmm Did you download swrc via steam ? instead of having best of cd or original disc ??
  13. Yes if u normally make server it doesnt allow you to join. However if u download and install xfire its free and safe from http://www.xfire.com to make a server when xfire is installed and open/running do as previously make dedicated it will crash game then in xfire LAUNCH rc and u can see your server in the list and join also...
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