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  1. Hey Sekan the file front area is caploosy, think you even if it's been a few years could upload this again?
  2. Really? Said nothing of the sort i the Readme, awell I'll check it out Edit: Hey you were right... kinda, Mission did stay alive although the way she did it were kinda.... od, also if you choose to kill carth you have to kill T3 too, THAt i don't like, I like that little bleeping box
  3. aaaw, Evil temple were for jhuani not mission, and the Shores of death only allowed u to kill everyone
  4. Same problem with AA as DarthParametric, strange stuff, the oddesdt thing about it is that i hadd AA on but that problem only materialised after I added Stoney's extra content OK Found the source of the problem for me, and how to fix it, well if your usinv Vista that is, Start the game set Anti Aliasing to what u want it to then open up the KOTOR 2 folder with the stuff in it, then click Compatibily Files, you will notice a SWKOTOR2.ini file there, open it up and look down till u find full screen and set it to 1 and save it, start KOTOR 2 and notice that it will now be fullscreen, Enjoy -^_^-
  5. I always Liked Mission Vao, and it always ticked me off that you had to kill her if you went darkside, and that you didn't even get the option of force persuading her to join you, so I were wondering if any of the Modders out there that has atleast some idea on what in the world they are doing could make a MOD where u can get mission Vao to join you if you go Dark Side
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