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  1. update: i have done a little more work on both maps but i am moving house so i will be back into production in about a week, then about a week after that i will release tester versions of each map to see what people do and dont like, because unlike most maps i actually will take onboard suggestions for changes or add ons to my maps. nothing like having something you had some incite into on a map your playing on
  2. thank you for your comments, i should be close to releasing the second map i posted screens of as the clan is ready for it asap so i moved on with that one first seeing as the other map takes longer, i shall be posting a quick tester of that first map soon to see what you all think
  3. im about to add more images to the first post, i decided to take a break from that map for a few days so that i could muster up some new ideas fresh when i get back to it in a day or 2, but im also making another map for a clan i know and i may also use this somewhere along the line in my mission maps, but it will be ninja themed on that one unlike the space station mission map evenetually though i will probably be making my own solo mission mod, but will also release it as MP maps so that you can play with friends but obviously have to change the map to go onto the next level when it prompts "level complete" or "chapter complete"
  4. ok well after much thought i have decided that i am going to finishing building a few maps for a few clans that have asked and then im making a missions mod, basically it will have a load of maps that tie into a story, at the moment i have nearly finished one of the maps where the station is in lockdown all pods have escaped the station is under attack and you have to make your way from start to finish aswell as defeat a boss, there will be alot of secrets and hidden stuff and many paths to take in each level some easier than others it all depends how jedi you really are, the maps will work in the same way as the single player game but on mp servers, you could even have some friends playing the map and you await in the right places as the enemy forces, roleplay but without having to stop to spawn things etc. most levels will be set so that it takes atleast 2 people to play it, as in some doors will only open with 2 people and things like that, and enemies will come from the shadows unexpecetedly like in the main game just as a taster her is the hangar bay where one of the battles with stormtroopers comes into it, unfinished but just my fav part of the map so far =Space station 0151= =Azuma Zaibatsu Mountain=
  5. im making a few clan maps atm, infact one of them im about to make a thread on because i may end up making a kind of online multiplayer missions mod for jka, all will be explained
  6. Clan/Team Name: ^uK Structural Leadership: Council Founder: Me thedarkarcher Tag: ^uK (no other tags coloured ^ used to represent rank) Accepting Members: Yes Alignment: mixed clan free creativity (guild layouts aswell) Main Game Type: FFA & CTF Server Type(s): BaseJKA & JA+ (all round to get skills up) Website: http://www.ukclan.low-ping.com Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://ukclan.low-ping.com/forums/?page=t&fid=ED8F2A3F-066E-4668-B8B0-4F4808DB0737
  7. thank you, i wasnt sure where it was supposed to go, thanks whoever moved it clans growing steadily already an thats without a permanent server up, at the moment we practice CTF on ja+ server and on the PUG servers, pug CTF servers are rarely in use at the moment an make for some good games and good players teaching when it is populated, for FFA we will be using a few different server including our clans homeserver, and School or war server come say hi even if you dont wish to join our clan feel free to join our site as it is set out very similar to facebook but much more colourful haha
  8. i have reccently started a new clan, i found that all the clans ive been in where very aussie or ame situated so i though why not start a nice new fresh euro style clan while the games still goin. here is the site feel free to stop by an say hi the clan may not remain with that name but that will be decided on when i actually get things going. http://ukclan.low-ping.com
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