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  1. anyone playing the DS version? i cannot get pass the dam hover bike stage... always crash!!! getting dam frustrated playing it over and over again.
  2. the original KotOR will always be the best, it was so different compared to other star wars games, more user friendly, i always suck at those real time combat (jedi knight series) always play 3 times... 1st time, light side 2nd time, dark side usually once male, once female and the 3rd time, i will pay with a walkthrough. then if i play again it will be for trying other stuff... like using blasters instead of lightsabers.
  3. faces get darker, a more grayish. less human. basically the same face i think, just looking more evil.
  4. A jedi is always more superior then a driod since a jedi will have the advantage of using the force. so hard for HK to sneak up on him, or have a chance imho. one thing The Clone Wars have taught me... driods are a dime a dozen, so easy to kill... more interestingly... who will win? HK-47 or General Gervious (sp)?
  5. i kinda like the build up to getting a lightsaber... gives me a chance to try other weapons. Lightsabers seems to be the "end all" of the weapons. i would however like more fighting options, not just 4, attack, power, furry & critical... anyway.... really think there will ever be a KotOR 3 anytime soon.
  6. if u are running the pc version, there are cheat codes that allow transportation to different planets. i assume your save game is when the Ebon Hawk crashes & everyone "Dies"???
  7. if u are running KOTOR 2 on xbox from your HDD, u need to leave the DVD in the drive, a couple of times in the game they will actually redirect to search a file from the drive. it's something of an error i think, instead of typing /kotor2/file/.... they put d:/kotor2/file/.... anyway... do u have T3 renewable sheild? i just whore the sheild, and let it rip with 2 sonic blasters. sometimes i do use the shock arm.
  8. Mission Vao for me... she just seems cute to me. =) 2nd would be Visas... 3rd is Bastila in the black underwear. something about the dark side that looks........... kinky.
  9. I hope the "hero" is again some super-awesome jedi/sith. maybe the offspring of Raven & the exile (which ever is male/female is decided at the start, and if same sex is chosen for both, maybe it's Raven & Bastila, or Carth i guess). I hope they dive more into the HK issue, the factory that didn't make it to the KOTOR 2 game. also more development on T3-M4, somethings fishy about it, i think there are hidden memories of Raven/The Exile, good way to tie the 3 games together. mandalore son/daughter joining the team. other races in the party
  10. actually, reading the document made me wonder why there wasn't a compete version release a few years later, something like Fable, and Fable the lost chapters. Anyway, the end of the document is unreadable, is it the same for everyone? just wondering what the intended ending was.
  11. there's a "movie" set on utube too. someone just record his/her game. fyi of course.
  12. i finally finish GF, after 5 years???!! i played it once on my old PC running win2k, could get pass the first part, where u go to the poisoning, just couldn't find where to go. at that time i didn't really know much about puzzles or walkthrough available. Recently i been digging up old games, since my laptop cannot run newer games like Fifa2k10 & FM2010. so finally reloaded GF, i did hang a few times... but i manage to compete it with help from walkthrough... my biggest mistake... i thot those golden doors was my "big boss" room, hence i didn't bother going near it. and kept thinking i had to leave the building to find the location. anyway. awesome game, but a lot of missing parts and question marks. would be nice if the ending talks about what happens after u kill the bad guy....
  13. i guess if they do remark, it will be more of a 3rd person kind of game, like Knights of the old Republic, Fable concept. one thing i really want to do is.... TO SHOT THAT DAM GUN! i want to make flowers sprouts on dead bones! it's so f***ing awesome! hey you, push up those daisies.
  14. guess it isn't important... be it bus, train, car, ship... everyone ends up at the "gate" where he/she must pass through to "heaven" maybe everyone must use the train? u can walk through the gate, but u must board the train. after all, they already reach their destination. i guess the gate is more of a "karma" check, to see who is worthy of passing through.
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