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  1. oh well sorry adam I have a hard time detecting sarcasm XD If Clone Wars had revolved around the clones it would be fine -_-
  2. Black Ops was a complete failure except for its zombie mode, in which I have only played once. MW 2 had awesome multiplayer gameplay, but for the story it just cliched Red Dawn. It was okay, but still it had a lot more potential and I kept asking for more. I will say however the music really was enthralling. However my biggest pet peve was it was so easy to hack, and that I cant even choose a server like in TF 2. Sometimes it has me join hacked servers which bump me up to level 70, which I want to EARN. MW 1 was the pinnacle of Call of Duty, as I remember replaying War Pig over and over because of the awesome marine gameplay. Never tried the multiplayer though which I kind of kicked myself. MW 3? Well I dunno, we will just have to wait and see.
  3. meh, all of that was just my opinion, but you guys can trash it I guess. I am glad that Clone Wars did ditch the the political episodes and hopefully there will not be many more
  4. it worked in Battlestar Galactica >_>
  5. Star Wars has been dying a slow death for a long time, and as much as the Clone Wars series has improved it still has a way to go. Like everybody else, I say it should focus on the Clones, since it is called the Clone War? In order for Star Wars to be like Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, or all those good sci-fis, it needs to ditch the kiddie **** and actually needs to have darker plots. Thats what made the series i mentioned above so successful. Ill admit that Clone Wars has gotten a bit darker recently but what it needs is a good villian, not a Doctor Evil which goes and does blunt and stupid things. I'm talking about a villian which is subtle, smart, and cunning. If they do that, it might bring some life into the series.
  6. Is this permanent damage? And also, hope you feel better
  7. More gameplay, same basic vocal summary but if you look it is on a different planet, probably Cato Nemodia. Not that good but still
  8. Probably seen these scenes before but this has a short summary of TFU 2 included in this http://ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/55056/star-wars-the-force-unleashed-2/videos/force2_vdp_081110.html;jsessionid=4cpwd0stokq5g?show=hi
  9. wow, lot of hate here... Happy B-Day Mr. President...
  10. Meh, I'll ride it out until I can change my name again

  11. Then u better get a new avy.

  12. Like what some of the others said, the backwards style makes Galen unique, and not some standard generic Jedi...
  13. Meh, not like it will really affect the game. However, I do hope the new guy actually gives a crap about Star Wars and what the fans want. But of course, sometimes what the fans want can be varied, and somewhat impossible sometimes...
  14. Dude, no. Bastila would have known and the Jedi would have felt his presence. I believe he was still in the unknown regions. Instead of coming back, I think he got trapped in a stasis from which he could not awaken...
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