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  1. Turn off the sound in game. I had the same problem on my ps2 and turning off the sound fixed the connection issue. And I thought that I had been banned for glitching! (not that I would ever [get caught] doing that)
  2. Yes. That's the crazy part. I was playing on my ps2. On a computer I would expect that people take cool mods for granted. I want to host a ps2 server with the mods that I saw that day. Ps2 servers run from computers and other consoles, right?
  3. This thread looks like its dying. It's a pity. I am a swbf2 fanatic. I've been playing for years now and I have seen pretty much everything. I love to glitch this game. I have gotten outside of the force field on space missions, I've jumped through walls, I once jumped a tank into the floor of the space station on pollis massa. I play online a lot and I once stumbled into a server the had two awesome features enabled. Infinite jetpack and some crazy quick shot sniper-rifle gun. The fights between me and other online players was intense. We flew above the map and suddenly the game became so much more complicated. Since everyone could fly, a new dimension had to be taken into account- height. The best way to escape an attack was to turn off your jetpack and fall. I wasted so many people with this tactic. The fights had a feeling of an aerial dogfight from WWI. It was strange but awesome. I want to set up a server with these features enabled. I know its possible because I saw it with my own eyes. I was stoned out of my gourd at the time but I still remember vividly how awesome it was. I played obsessively for another few weeks hoping in desperation that I might be able to play in that mode again. I have yet to see it since. I have the swbf2 server software and have hosted games. How do I enable infinite jetpacks? How to do get that awesome weapon? Does anyone know?
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