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  1. Not really sure just exactly why you think the Greek govt/s prior to this fiasco is/are apparently so blameless.

    Of course the gov. deserves blame; they were the ones that sold out the country, both before and after the economic crisis. But the people who are engineering the collapse are the IMF and that should be recognized.


    America ought to be taking a clue, but I've little faith in that as long as Keynsians are in charge.

    No argument here.

  2. No, it's actually the other way around.

    The IMF/EU etc. are deliberately dragging Greece through the mud. They don't have Greece's interest in mind at all. Keep in mind that Germany's bailouts are not going to the Greek citizens (who are supposedly the holders of the debt). In reality that money goes into the pockets of the IMF and any politicians that have sold out to them, while the people getting hurt by rising inflation and public debt (the citizens) get nothing.

  3. How so?

    The current PM is a former member of the EU central bank who was pushed by the IMF into the position. That guy isn't there to do what's best for Greece; he's there to make sure the IMF gets as much cash as they can.


    Perhaps the Greeks should just unass themselves from the EU and sink or swim on their own.

    I don't see how Greece will be able to extricate itself without a revolution, and we all know their track record of overthrowing gov's. They usually end up with something worse than what they had before.

  4. The reason these people dodge their taxes and don't have faith in their political system is because it has been completely sold out from beneath them. The EU is a parasite leeching the Greece economy empty and is moving on to the government too. It's has now abandoned any pretense at democracy and is simply appointing people in the Greek government to follow their orders...Greece should tell Germany and the IMF to shove it up their ass.

  5. The ability of politicians to insider trade and for supposed government employees to accidentally lose billions of dollars is ridiculous, I think. (Corzine, anyone?) The federal government should be stripped of its ability to cherry pick economic programs. The Federal Reserve should be audited, and ridiculous ideas like this Keystone **** should not be under the authority of the Fed to implement.

  6. I reserve unconditional respect for the commander-in-chief because I empathize with my leader. He is accountable for the actions of the nation.
    I'd hope that respect should be ever more conditional the more authority you grant someone, not less.
  7. Care to explain that?
    That was referring to Kelvin's statement of if everyone followed religions, the world would be filled with puppies and chocolate. (I paraphrased a bit)


    To give the first example I can think of: When Fuhrer Christ tries to get food from a fig tree and fails, he decides to make the tree wither. So, since Jesus couldn't sin, I suppose the moral of the story was it's fine to harm living organisms for no reason other than if they don't give you want you want.


    So, I think it's obvious that Kelvin's statement of "we would just forgive and apologize, it would be a great world.." is not backed up with this passage.


    (Now, obviously this doesn't seem quite that bad because it was "only" a plant, but consider: I would not want to make a defense based around that supposition, because as God incarnate Jesus should have an unusually high moral sense, and, I would argue, should not curse anything.)

  8. I'm poking in here now.


    in fact, if we followed the philosophy from any religion ( excepting those about satanism and so on )
    Do you have any specific reasons to exclude satanic philosophies like LaVeyan Satanism other than they're anti-christian?

    there would be no need to have weapons, as we would not kill each other, we would just forgive and apologize, it would be a great world..
    Have you ever read any religious book besides a whitewashed account of the new testament? I have never read books that justify incredibly immoral actions so cheerfully, because after all, they're on a mission for God.

    don't be an extremist, come on... I meant that he should become an anti-religious people, just critizising every step they do.
    This is a bad thing?

    You wouldn't have the need of critizising people if you were entirely perfect.
    If i had perfect eyesight, i wouldn't need glasses.....but unfortunately, i do. Regardless, whose definition of a perfect being would you choose to use? Yours?

    Also, i think the problem is NOT religion, most religions are based in a more intelligent phylosophy than what we just read.No offense for those that believe that the first 2 people in the world were Adam and Eve.. But, these things are stories, but what is hidden within them is what we don't see.
    How is presenting metaphors as literal and factual stories in any way intelligent?
  9. No i did not, but that thread gave me an idea: I did the right click "run as administrator" on the exe and after some wonky launching i loaded up a module and exited. Lo, my ini was proper size again. Thanks for the thread, and win7's permissions are really weird.

  10. I reinstalled tsl on win7 and am having trouble with ini edits not taking. I noticed that my ini is far smaller than it should be and i'm assuming that this i where my difficulty lies. I remember seeing a relatively easy fix on getting the ini to show the proper length, but unfortunately i can't seem to find it. If someone could point that out to me i'd be grateful.

  11. The only reason it's 'news' is because he's now running for president.
    Exactly, it reveals either the depths of his stupidity, or the incredible lengths that he will pretend to be religious in order to gain votes, neither which bodes well for a president.


    92% of Americans believe in God.
    Certainly not all in the Christian one.


    Neither will any of the GOP candidates. Why? It would be foolish to blow off 92% of Americans.
    I agree that it would be foolish to ignore these groups, but there's a major difference between mentioning them and joining them.
  12. A giant democrat red herring.
    lulwut, I saw Boehner and Mcconnel playing up the economic armageddon just as much as anyone else.

    Blaming the tea party specifically, and everyone else in general, for its failure to do something positive about the situation. Seems barack and company feel the need to scapegoat someone else for their epic fails on the economy and in governance in general. Yay, team Obama!
    You really don't see the irony in this paragraph? :indif:

    On top of which, your precious prez wanted a "clean" debt ceiling raise so he could continue the "debt economics" scheme you mock rather than live within his (ie the govts) means.
    the Democrats are indeed at fault for blindly wanting to continue debt increases, but the Republicans were the main cause in the most recent crisis by refusing to raise taxes under any conditions. And, they seem the only party to be that petulant, as the Democrats are usually willing to compromise in order to find a solution, whereas the Republicans are not. Hell, Boehner said that he got 98% of what he wanted in this last deal,so don't accuse the Dems of being dishonest.
  13. Last I checked, the dems pulled the wool over the Boehner and company's eyes in the Spring with a bunch of phantom cuts/savings. Would you trust some one who played you for a fool like that (and not for the first time...
    So having hurt feelings justifies threatening default on America simply because they refuse to raise taxes? Get ****ing real.

    remember the "read my lips" fiasco or Congress's promise in the 80's to match tax increases with cuts that NEVER materialized).
    this is irrelevant

    We've got a spending problem in this country and it's really rather damning that Washington is run by a culture that defines a decrease in a projected rate of increase as an actual cut.
    Debt economics, the american way. :patriot:
  14. To the same place where the moderate and reasonable Democrats went.

    Then please explain why it was the republicans refusing to compromise that led to the latest Washingtonian douchbaggery. The last I checked, it was the democrats who conceded to the republicans in order to avoid the deadline.


    There is very little difference between politics and organized religion. Both require people to let someone else do their thinking for them and believe stuff that is utter nonsense.

    Well said.

  15. Link

    So, Texas governor Perry appeared at some ridiculous christian prayer gathering called "The Response."


    His speech was so fabricated that it reminded me of Billy Graham. He was obviously pandering to these clueless morons and the incessant amens from the guy next to him were just annoying...I don't really know what else to say besides WTF Texas?

  16. Probably because they are different groups , I'm English, I'm in no way Scottish Irish or welsh, and I'm only British when the Olympics are on

    Well, that's fair, but as your pic groups Americans and Germans as two giant blocs, it seems biased. I'm sure an Austrian would say he's not German and an Iroquois would say she isn't a Cherokee.


    Besides, if Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and English are all grouped separately, who the **** is in the 0.4% British group? :indif:

  17. I think that you guys are missing something: you aren't considering that there are people like me who want to see the pictures and won't immediately cry photoshop. From visual proof, to seeing the effects of war, there are legit reasons to seeing pics like this.


    Refusing to release them because you're afraid of the reactions of batty people is just catering to fear and hurts those, like me, do want visual proof and are mature enough to handle it. If you don't want to look at pictures of war, fine, but it's offensive to me to restrict other people from seeing them.

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