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  1. Hey, could you test something for me, mr. malachor man? If you remove the script a_end_game from the malachor kreia dialog, would it simply exit the convo after the movie plays, or is the game always going to end there?

  2. hey, can you go to hssiss chat?

  3. anytime you want to voyage to erubus together, just send me a message. ;)

  4. Hey, what was the name of those force sensitive droids?

  5. Thanks for making the lightmap tutorial. I never would have figured it out otherwise. :xp:

  6. Thanks for the modeling tutorials, Quanon. I would be lost without them.

  7. Rofl, it's ok bead.


    Just please: no more Norwegian. ;)

  8. This is disturbing........apparently I can flawlessly imitate you on team hsiss chat.


    I changed my name to you and har couldn't tell the difference. o.0

  9. I took the liberty of posting in the sote thread.


    Please don't hate me. :xp:

  10. I'm adding stuff to the dropbox in the WCH folder. The dlg in there needs the conditionals to work properly.

  11. posted in the alderaan group

  12. posted in the alderaan group

  13. thank you good sir......man, do I feel stupid.

  14. I'm back. :xp:


    I was following your excellent tutorial, until I ran into a problem. I cannot select verts and get their coordinates! I'm using 3dsmax 2011 on default settings, I attached a screenie for reference. Any ideas? Did you hold down a key or something?


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  15. Apocalyptica/Sony have been deleting the uploads of the real video, I assume because there's going to be one with the hoobastank guy.

    I'm surprised this one is still up.


    They deleted the video on their own channel.

  16. Apocalyptica deleted brent smith's version on youtube. :(

  17. Nevermind Quanon, I got Nwmax to work. I promise I will stop spamming your page.


    Edit: I got kaurora to run through a virtual xp machine....not the most efficient way, but it works. Also, you did indeed give me the correct version of kaurora, there's an emitter option. :)


    You're my hero! :xp:

  18. Actually: it says that nwmax has loaded because at the top is says "NWmax v0.8 b61". It's also reading the macro script becuase when I start it it says this:

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    NWmax v0.8 b61



    NWmax ini load

    Correct ini vars

    Set globals for 3dsmax v's gmax

    Load in all paths from gmax.ini or max file

    Maps search dirs:

    Setup exporting stream

    Set Sanity check default settings

    Load Function Prototypes

    Define structs and utility fns

    load: aurora_mod_trimesh.ms

    load: aurora_mod_flex.ms

    load: aurora_mod_walkmesh.ms

    load: aurora_mod_placeable.ms

    load: aurora_mod_animesh.ms

    load: aurora_helper_reference.ms

    load: aurora_helper_base.ms

    load: aurora_helper_light.ms

    load: aurora_helper_emitter.mso

    The only thing I'm missing is the little interface window. Any ideas?


    (Btw, If I'm pestering you, just let me know. I'll stop ;))

  19. More questions :xp:


    How did you get nwmax to work with 3dsmax 2010? I copied it into my scripts and startup folder, but it doesn't load. :(

  20. eh, did you happen to get the last pm I sent you? ;)

  21. You too! Enjoy your lights! (the christmas ones) :xp:


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    Well, enjoy the other kind too. :devsmoke:
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