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  1. I'll be sure to do that. Who knows, it may be sooner than we think (i'm also kinda busy with other mods like a custom campaign I'm making for Warcraft 3, the POTC Build Mod, and a LOTR module for Neverwinter Nights 2)

  2. Not at the moment, I lost interest and time and not very many people were supportive of it. Who knows, maybe I'll get back to it someday

  3. you have to have seen azerothian super villains to understand.

  4. i know you never come on forums anymore, but life is boring these days and I need someone to talk Harry Potter with, lol.

  5. What the heck happened to lf Christians? I thought I might have been kicked out, then I saw that it was completely gone.

  6. However, Christmas is best in Germany. Twelve days of presents. If my family didn't have German, we wouldn't have traditional Christmas.

  7. Get the third one in the battle chest which comes with the expansion too. Don't know if ur in the us but if you are, they have it at target and best buy and maybe walmart.

  8. I'm not the one, it's holty's fault! Oh speaking of which click on this snipped. Lol
  9. But too bad Aragorn killed you with the sword of gondor.
  10. "Uther, I hearby relieve you as leader of the silver hands."

  11. dunno, I was thinking about it recently, I have been modding.......better games lately (better in different ways, still love Kotor though!) Neverwinter Nights 2, Sea Dogs 2 (Pirates of the Caribbean in US not related to movie), and Warcraft 3.

  12. not before Illiden sends the entire burning legion on you.
  13. i actually don'tcome on very much. I haven't been ative since April.

  14. And then one of many from nwn2 comes and eats your spirit and now has your powers just like Kirby.
  15. "I thought you were dead! Let's take it to the next level! Oh Arthas!" A man with white hair and a giant sword come in followed by an Orc warchief and Kenny from southpark who all pull out their weapons and charge at LR. Even Revan is no match for these much more awesome dudes who could kill even the most powerfull of villains except for maybe rumplestilksen.
  16. is this NWN3 already? Last time I checked they just released Storm of Zehir.
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