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  1. ty I dont know really but thanks for tip
  2. Here is my new fragmovie Enjoy! New link, hopefully there will be sound!
  3. hehe, well its fun to make the vid! ye duals rocks
  4. Hey, here's a link to my dual saber fragmovie i really hope you just enjoy
  5. heya! me and a couple of friends made a movie check it out! we call it freestyling
  6. Hello the world of JKA = Jedi knight: jedi academy! Here is how it works! mIRC - A big chat program, used by the biggest games.. like cs or WC3. How it works: You join a channel and in that channel theres many other people wich makes it easy to find a TFFA or somethinh else maybe a clan.. You will need this program -> http://www.mirc.com/ Download and install Then start it and connect to quakenet by typing /server se.quakenet.org When you are connected type -> /j #tffa When you are in the channel you can Rename by doing -> /nick Solid-IssE for example.. Now when you are in the channel, done.. In there it will be way easier to find a tffa.. But if we are gonna make this work we need many honorable and brave JKA players to join.. im gonna talk with alot of base clans about it and please spread it! And ja+ers are welcome aswell If you need any help with this contact me on guestbook.. // Solid - IssE
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