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  1. Not bad, but you do need to blend the edges of your layers, I think you forgot about it in this one. BTW, 56k warning!
  2. Might not be long-another 5 years to a decade. Australian company 3D Motion has managed to avoid glasses altogether by effectively building them into the computer screen itself. I think it'd be cool if they gave you a 2-disc Blu-ray or DVD version so you could watch it in 3D if your TV is good enough and 2D if it isn't(or you don't like 3D).
  3. Watch it in 3D. Yes the story is old, yes it's cliched, but who cares, it was awesome. Plus you come out wanting a) your own avatar, and b) to screw 10' tall blue alien babes.
  4. Very nice 3D models!

  5. Great! The modding process won't begin till then anyway.

  6. I'm pretty busy, school starts on monday and I've got to revise for my january exams. I might be able to do something in Febuary after the exams though.

  7. Letmme check...yeah, you're right, I could have sworn a few years ago there was a fee or something... I've been modelling for the past year or so. Mostly high-poly tbh.
  8. If you aren't too busy, my mod team would be glad to have you join us! We are currently working on a KOTOR 3 TC mod and we could use your help! I've seen your mods, impressive!

  9. I can't afford to buy 3dsmax, dang. I think Gmax is paid for as well now...mmh.
  10. I use Cinema 4D r10.5(which I can't find a .mdl importer or exporter for) to make all my 3D stuff. Hope you like it. X-wing and A-wing Another shot of the X-wing and A-wing A-wing firing blaster cannons Naboo Royal Starship and N1 Escort Tedirium Shuttle(front) Tedirium Shuttle(back) Custom Lightsaber Custom Lightsaber with blade extended There's a load more in my photobucket account, although much of it isn't anything to do with Star Wars(a bunch of PC hardware renders, etc) New one, just to test out my system. I'd like to see Mace Windu destroy all these. 1800 Super Battle Droids, in the above render. 187,733 polygons in each droid, 337,919,400 polys overall. Done with full GI and AO on, and HDRI lit.
  11. Never mind, I figured it out, it's a bug in Darth Dac's Cheat and Warp Band, which didn't work with my mods and that I didn't uninstall. Sorry guys Problem solved, locking thread. --Jae
  12. It gives you a shop where you can buy 2 of every item in the game(including items you've modded in) for a price of 0 credits.(you can also buy credits lol) Hell there are loads of thing you can do, it seems to be the ultimate cheat or debug system.
  13. I dunno who else has found this glitch, but I was on Kashyyyk, Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) just force persuaded one of the czerka poachers to run for it, then when I clicked on the sonic emmiter next to him I was able to spawn all kinds of creatures and NPC's. There were options to spawn an enemy(any), spawn a friendly to help you(any, including all NPCs, ege Master Vandar, Jedi Malak, etc) and a few other things. I can't find the dialog in the game files using KotorTool though. So just wondering... I dunno how I did it, but here's a screen of Vrook...in Kashyyyk. I've managed to get it to happen again. More screens. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  14. Haha. Nice, you've got hours of non PC/console related fun getting her off stabilizers now.
  15. Yeah, as vanir said it best to just look in the places most people don't go for games. That said Game is a very large gameing franchise in the UK, so you could well find it in the bigger stores as well (they had at least 8 copies of kotor, but none of TSL)
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