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  1. Thanks for finding a download! The dll had to be extracted manually from the driver before.
  2. You could try Revo Uninstaller, if it finds a TFU2 install it can easily uninstall it.
  3. Thats your problem, you can't game on integrated graphics.
  4. Starkiller need not be alive. The "Spirit" of force users exists long after their death. The force is the glue of the GFFA and I would not be surprised if it complicates cloning.
  5. Intel Graphics are the integrated graphics, the unit grafted onto the mobo. From a gamers perspective they are near useless. To even consider playing this game you need a dedicated card.
  6. It isn't a huge deal, after all I will still call it a ATI Radeon, not an AMD Radeon.
  7. Looks like a really early build of Halo back when it was a RTS for macs...
  8. If the devs wanted to fix it they could, its a single variable in an XML file (looked at extracted content). Unfortunately an end user has zero power to change this, because there is no known way to repackage content . The two patches were actually pretty minor, just a few bug fixes, the size was only huge because they had to replace half the package files.
  9. Its a fun game, I have had a few crashes, but overall it great fun to shoot those critters. The main point of this is not the game itself though, it is a gift to the mod community. Source SDK users have been stuck with the Orange Box version of the engine, with the release of this free game, indie developers and modders may have access to a post L4D2 version of the engine, without requiring them to own L4D2. (and more Steam users doesn't hurt either ) This seems to be a growing trend for game companies, respecting independent developers, and realizing that users in many cases are as good as or better then the original developers.
  10. What is your brand and model CPU (Intel and AMD are very different), model because some have more cores, larger L caches ext... Nearly every graphics card has a fan, unless you want a heat sink larger then your computer, have a $500+ and want to liquid cool, its a price you will have to pay.
  11. Liquid cooling is another option, but for the money and time it would take...you would be better off with a fan. (Unless you are a extreme overclocker)
  12. You should include the link to the original thread in the first post: http://forums.amd.com/game/messageview.cfm?catid=279&threadid=134635&enterthread=y
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