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  1. Hey reapper nice to meet you!

    I wanna know if you succeded in put custom models into kotor???

    I wanna start a proyect but depends on this


  2. hey there lord dagron I can do the dark lord armor too just give me a while to get permission for it and rig it and set up the installer for it and it will be here in kotor 2 but might take a while thou...
  3. ok so guys are you ready?!?! my first mod and now...... here it is::clap2: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/155-sith-stalker-armor/
  4. ok so I submitted my mod to deadlystream and now waiting for there approval once done I will give out the link on where you can download it......
  5. ok so I'm going to do dead stream to upload my very first mod just give me a while and I'll have it up if this is successful I will make more of the force unleashed mod
  6. ok guys so sorry to keep you waiting but here it is finish and finally done thanks to deadman for fixing the helmet for me and the installation here is some screen shots btw to anyone here where is a good site to upload this mod to? a really good one to upload thanks
  7. you know I am working on mortal kombat mods and armor for TSL I just need to get the person who created the model their permission to use it and if its ok with holowan labs its mka and mk9 models
  8. hey guys ok so I will be uploading this mods at knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com thats where you can download this awesome mod this friday ok so its this friday I will give out the link to download this mod friday, 13th 2012!!!!!!
  9. hey there shiftee hows it going? so its alright to use this model for kotor 2??? yeah about the helmet I'm going to add it to the armor like deadman said to its going to be a full body+armor model
  10. yeah the helmet is too big cause the face kept popping out of the helmet didnt know what to do so made the helmet big to fix the problem but thanks for the link it will be up sooon
  11. ok so here is the helmet and the full armor of sith stalker I think I will make more stalker armor but so where do I upload this mod to??? anyone??
  12. yes they do it was so hard to do 5 times cause I keep messing up but no worrys its done now but yes they move along with the fingers
  13. hey shaggoth it wont be for a while to convert the armor to k1 cause I dont have kotor 1 just yet but dont worry I will get it soon thanks everyone I will working on the helmet should be up sooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ok so anyhow I had to remodel parts of mk model and retextures to make it work here is what I mean retexture was a mess and remodeling was a pain in the **** but anyhow I think it turn out great
  15. ok after a long weeks I found many errors but fix them all take me 5 redos I had to start over and over but here it is finally its finish all that is left is the helmet which I will do it wont take long about a day I should have it done by today so what do you guys think???
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