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  1. Gotcha. I'm on it. I'll just gimp the ds transitions. Also, there's really no point in giving another concept just for a clothing change... How about I lay out some custom saber hilts for each party member?

  2. Pretty good, pretty good. I'm doing a close-up of the face now with her in her default clothes or uh... what might be her default clothes. Then I'm going to to DS transitions and also some DS transitions for Ben. And no I'm fine, I'm doing this for fun and I like drawing all the time

  3. Hey it's going alright. I'm a little stuck on the face which is obviously the most important part... eyes, nose, mouth. They pretty much determine everything. Right now she looks pretty old and I'm trying to fix it up

  4. Thanks man, glad you like it! I was thinking about facial hair for the second ben too. I'll just add some to that drawing and see how it goes. I don't have much to do tonight so I'll be sketching away

  5. I did. I'm also working on an improved ben right now

  6. Ah, thank you so much and I would love to, but I cant even re-skin a robe haha. I've tried and failed, but I can help out with writing dialogue and character concepts and such if you need someone. I know theres always tons of people who can't mod who want to help, so if you don't need anyone I won't be crushed =P

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