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  1. Hey I've got a quick question for you. How do you render alpha channels in 3ds? Ex. Make stuff transparent where it's supposed to be instead of the default black.


    Or if you happen to know a tutorial you could point me to that'd be awesome. Thanks man.

  2. Forgot to say thanks, JM gave me some really nice lines!

  3. Hey.. um, so, what's up? :lol:


    But really, how goes voicing? I'm going to school soon so I'm not in a rush just wondering what your story is. I know it's a lot of lines :p

  4. http://www.hazelwhorley.com/textures.html


    ^Some really awesome skyboxes that are 1024x1024... realized the other ones I sent you look pretty bad in-game (at least the one I tried) hope it helps!

  5. Just got a new computer so I can sign on up, I'll let you know my name when it's set up.

  6. Hey I found out some new scripting goodies so if you want I can eliminate that whole datapad mess from the FFK1 merchant, I just need the files that you have. We need you back j7!

  7. Good to hear :) drop by team hssiss sometime! Are you back into modding or just back on the forums

  8. Holty! You're back! Things have been great, working on this and that, mainly my recruitment mod... you should check it out :p how are you doing?

  9. Not a problem, just let me know if you'd like to do it sometime soon. If not I can keep hunting...

  10. I can't remember, but are you/your friend voicing Zadane or should I find someone to do that?

  11. Hey what's up? I sent you an e-mail, check it out and let me know if you're interested.

  12. Thanks dude but really take as much time as you need. Seems like you've had your nose in just about every voiced kotor project recently so I'd imagine you're pretty busy!

  13. Will try updating, thanks for the reply :)

  14. No. I told you it could be a few weeks before I finish.

  15. Hey hey, what's up? I saw the thread that you responded to about kotor on mac so I decided to give wine bottler a go. Now I have it installed on my mac but I can't for the life of me figure out how to install my game!


    I open the .exe file and try to install it using both options wine gives me (something like "open with wine" and "convert to mac app") but each time the farthest I get is to the launcher opening up (I only know it's the launcher because of the sound it makes) but I just get a white screen that I can't do anything with. I have X11 installed so that I can use GIMP on my mac and it seems to be trying to be opening the launcher with that. Is that normal or do I need to ditch X11? I guess my question is how the heck to I install kotor!


    Any words of wisdom from a wine connoisseur? :p

  16. No problem, sorry I couldn't really help. It looks like what I do only seems to work in k1 which is weird, but kotor modding is weird anyway. Good luck with the rest and on the next release my dude.

  17. Nah, that kind of thing never really bothered me - I actually think it looks very cool in-game as is. But I guess it's just like the G0-T0's yacht window upgrade mod... it looks really good, but I think it's a wasted effort as I only see it for all of 5 seconds. Sorry if that's not the answer you wanted to hear!


    You know I always appreciate your feedback though.

  18. Nope, is that the disk-free online thing?

  19. Oh right, I knew that! :rolleyes: Thanks. Holty got busy with real life stuff and I guess never really got back. I kinda miss him :(

  20. I'm not a voice actor, sorry!


    I saw you're joining the SOTE team, welcome aboard! Glad to have you.

  21. Sure, definitely send over all the other skins. I'm going to have a "pilot" merchant (one of 3 merchants in the mod) that sells both suits as well as all the variations of the helmets. That's awesome to hear about the modules, which one(s) were you going to do? I need to know which ones to hold off on.


    Also opening the e-mail I think you only sent me the suit. Unless I'm just missing it :p

  22. dakdrexl@gmail.com. Shoot over that other flight suit as well, it's a welcome addition. Let me know if you want to help with anything else. Thanks so much!

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