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  1. It matters to those of us who happen to enjoy reading the EU, and the new Disney-LF could quite possibly bastardize all of it. Of course there's no saying that the books by themselves can't be enjoyed, but it's nice to have everything fit together and it's also where a majority of the novel's callbacks and references come from (other EU canon and Prequel/Current Trilogy Canon and TCW canon).


    Well it's just stuff that somebody makes up anyway, so for me it doesn't make a difference what any of it is about, just so long as it's entertaining of course.


    To each, his own :)

  2. I don't think LucasFilms controls game production. I believe it's LucasArts? Regardless, it would be awesome if 'Arts went back to the style of their early 2000s games. Personally, I don't like the most recent Lego Star Wars video games.


    LucasArts is a division LucasFilm, as are ILM and Skywalker Sound, which were all included in the deal if I'm reading this right.


    What if, and this is a BIG if, this could be the introduction of a new trilogy (7,8, and then 9)?! Three more movies. Another added trilogy. 9 movies, three trilogies. Three trilogies. Three trilogies. "Star Wars: A Trilogy of Trilogies". Trilogyception.


    You should re-read the article, or read it if you haven't already ;)


    Episode VII is slated for 2015 and the deal says that they want a new Star Wars film every three years.


    Where would they even start? So many books to choose from, I think maybe Disney will come up with their own trilogy for VII-IX.


    I don't see why it matters.

  3. You do realize that Disney made every Marvel movie since 2009 (ie post Iron Man 1), including the Avengers? It's not going to be mickey mouse.


    This is good news. Maybe I'm unique in that I really don't think bad sequels ever hurt my appreciation for originals. So really, worst case scenario, they release something I just ignore. Best case, we get good movies again (ie no George Lucas dialogue)




    Good....Even bad Star Wars is better than 90% of the other crap that is released as movies or TV.


    Double agreed!

  4. Whaaaa? Wonder if that means ILM too? This is very big news (movie-wise of course :p)


    Can't wait to hear more!


    Edit: Ok, I've thought about this. ILM is a division of Lucasfilm, so I'm assuming it must be part of the deal. Also this means that Disney would own the rights to Star Wars and other LucasFilm films/franchises. And then there is Lucasarts as well. So much stuff going around in one deal, I'll really be watching this one.

  5. Opinions are funny...I find KotOR predictable full of uninspired stereotypes and find TSL to be the better deeper game. Taste is just funny like that. :D


    Well I agree about the predictable stereotypes in KotOR and I also loved TSL (especially with the gameplay enhancements) - until I got to the end. Nothing made sense and it ended so ubruptly I was hugely disappointed. I didn't feel like I saved the galaxy or really did anything at all! It's way better with TSLRCM, but I just don't think it's fair that they would re-release it even though it's widely known that it's an unfinished game.


    Also I think I just like k1 more due to some nostalgic thing :p But yeah it is funny how things always vary between people!

  6. I've thought about this a bit and have decided that I think it's great that a younger generation will get some exposure to what is in my opinion the best video game ever, the first KotOR. However, I still think it sucks that they'd re-release TSL in a still horrible, unfinished state.

  7. Honestly I find it a little insulting that LA would release KotOR 2, a seriously incomplete game, for the second time. Was the first time not disappointing enough? Unless there is some change (of any kind really), even a mac port as someone said, I won't be buying.


    I still have 2 copies for the xbox for some reason, anyway. I think when I first lost it I was so devastated that I immediately bought another copy to make everything better. Little did I know it was still around, and I still have them both as well as PC copies of both games.. anyway, won't be buying it this one unless there are some changes :p


    Edit: I didn't realize there were already 3 pages on this thread! I'll go read them now but my opinion still stands :carms:

  8. I agree with this wholeheartedly, I don't know if I'd start modding the game the same way I did when it first came out, but all this time has given me a great deal of experience that is shaping my career today, and I have no regrets.


    Seconded. Modding these games got me into computer graphics and 3D design/animation, where I hope to work in a studio one day.


    Definitely give modding a shot. It's fun!

  9. It comes out this december, right?


    Yup, the 14th in the US.


    Yeah I'm totally psyched for this.


    But I loves me all things LotR.


    Me too, but I did always like The Hobbit better than the LotR books. That's not to say I don't love them, just not as much as The Hobbit...


    But the movie trilogy is easily at the top of my favorites, so I'm literally too excited for this one.

  10. While were talking about this, there was an extensive Lord of the Rings mod, called MERP (Middle Earth Roleplaying Project) that was just issued a cease and desist from Warner Bros. This was just a little while ago (a month?). The project was all made from scratch and put into the Skyrim engine, but Warner has rights to the content and they decided to be dickheads about it, even though it was not for profit.


    Stupid stuff in my opinion...

  11. people who made black mesa source wasn't a AAA game studio.. it was just a few people who knew what they were doing.. support came later from people who loved the series.. there are lots of talented people here, we could do that.. (even though they didn't stick to the original maps, they did it...)


    if only we could get permissions from both Lucas arts and Bioware, porting it and than improving it would be a lot easier than remaking it from scratch..


    That's not really what I meant... of course there are people who could do it, but they aren't here. This isn't a group of programmers or really people who know anything about making games at all. We do know the KotOR games better than anyone, even Bioware/Obsidian at this point, but that doesn't really help us in making a new game. This is pointless anyway, I was just saying that nobody here really could do that, no matter how many good modders we have (and there are a lot!). It's all very different stuff.

  12. Gotta start posting on my own thread again!


    For those that don't know, they are including things from the appendices from the Return of the King in the movies, which will be what primarily fills the new space opened up since deciding to to three movies.


    That means we get to see Gandalf's unknown adventures unfold, which will be so awesome. Gandalf the Grey was always my favorite Hobbit/LotR character, so more screen time for Sir Ian sounds good to me.

  13. While I can say with confidence that there isn't one person on this forum that wouldn't like to see this happen, it's still the wrong place to post this. It's not going to happen. Honestly, this is a job for a AAA game studio.


    Fun to think about what it could be like, though.

  14. I own the Barnes and Noble Nook and absolutely love it. I'm definitely one of the people who prefers the feeling of a book in my hand, but I would definitely recommend an e-reader to anyone who does a lot of reading (or a little!).


    Once you download a book, it's in your library - you don't need to be connected to anything. It's your book. Also it has great connectivity with the Nook app, i.e. iPhone and Computer. I can pick up on my e-reader, put it down, and pick up my place on my laptop. Its really great since a couple of people in my family like to use it, so when I'm away I just use my laptop.


    But yeah, the pricing is a little weird in some places, though in my experiences with B&N they have all been cheaper as e-books. Some book publishers actually just lose a case with Amazon over e-book price inflation and Amazon claims that anyone who has bought e-books prior to the court decision is entitled to the difference via refund (a few bucks per book).

  15. What OS are you running? If it's anything above XP, the games do not work... There are a few steps you have to go through to get them running again. Do a quick forum search for "Vista" or "Windows 7" or something and you should turn up with the right thread.

  16. I hated the first one and have not played any of the recent releases, whatever they were... I feel like I've seen at least 2 others, but this is the official #3?


    Anyway, were the more recent releases any different than the first or have I just bought into the cg trailers?

  17. I think it was J7's skin, which was in Dak's last version of his Armored Robes mod.


    That's right, that skin was 100% j7. If someone wanted to use my model to help get started that's fine, but I honestly think youd find better results doing it some other way.

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