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  1. Hey I'm trying to dl the rest of those VO's but I keep getting "error downloading file". I guess I'll try again later but if it doesn't work do you think you could just zip up the files in a folder and e-mail them to me? I think that would be easier anyway. dakdrexl@gmail.com


    Nevermind, it's working now. That was weird :confused: anyway see my PM :)

  2. I'm on hss if you're still here.

  3. Yeah, see if your albums are set to private so that only friends can see them. If they are, make them public.

  4. Apparently it was your birthday, happy birthday!

  5. Huh that's weird, all I do is use the BB code from the albums and they work ok. Sorry, I'm not sure. Great work by the way.

  6. I'm not really sure actually. Are you looking to use it for something? I'd be happy to play around with it for you if you want.

  7. Yo,


    I've tried doing it with heavy armor, but no matter what I always got one weird little thing. The neck of the heavy armor would turn sideways and I couldn't figure out why. I'm thinking it's possible, but it would take a little playing around. It's pretty much the only model I haven't been 100% successful with.


    Oh, also clipping is never an issue as you can delete the verts that stick out and then even move the others so that they don't clip at all :thmbup1:

  8. Hey, if you need any advice on skinning or modding in general feel free to ask me - I like helping new people - it's fun to see (or whatever it might be called) new faces. Starting out I was completely lost when I opened my first texture file, but just play around with different things. You'll get the hang of it :thmbup1:

  9. Cool :D take your time

  10. No thanks. It wouldn't be the same and also I don't have the files anyway. I just don't want it in the mod anymore. The station will just be a scaled down version of it and I can add my own stuff onto it when you're done (if you still have it).

  11. Hey, I'm stopping work on the recruitment mod. It's not fun at all and it's just not me to work on something when it isn't fun. I'm going to just make the recruit itself the whole mod and ditch everything else. I'm gonna work on a few other things instead. Sorry if you were looking forward to it...


    But there's a spot for the station in the new mod if you still have everything :D


    Edit: uh, nevermind, I'm just cutting the academy and moving the stuff to the station... like a scaled down version. just look at the thread.

  12. Crap, just saw your post on SOTE and forgot about the skin I'm supposed to do! Well I got my TSL disc back so I can get started on that soon. My idea was to use the stormtrooper skin as a base. How do you feel about that?

  13. Ok, all done! Sent an e-mail, let me know if you need anything else :D

  14. Having a problem, it seems that your .2da file makes masters zhar and dorak invisible, which leads to the game crashing while one of them is talking when you first meet the council. The merchant spawns in carth's dlg after he says "you look like you just saw a ghost" or something. I can't get there now because of this problem. Do you know of this? you might want to check it out!

  15. Things are good :) just have to test a couple scripts out and get the alien VO's in and then all done! Got the e-mail, thanks a bunch.

  16. Ok awesome, sounds great to me! I'll set up the VO's too as I need to learn how to do that anyway.


    Edit: Actually all you need to do is tell me what his reference # in the .2da line is so that he appears as... well him. That's all I need. I have a little dialog written that you can obviously change if you want, but it's pretty basic and to the point.


    What I did is made the initial conversation open up. Then you say: "Can I see what you've got?" Then the store opens and you get a datapad just saying that you found Xerda's store (that's his name). This datapad is the trigger item that removes the opening conversation and replaces it with "Welcome back, insertnamehere. Care to take another look?" Just so you know how I scripted this...

  17. I think it would be easiest if you just sent me a list of all the items' .uti names so that I could put them into the .utm (I think that's what merchant files are called). Do you want me to add any other items into there or even add another merchant somewhere else? Just let me know, I'm getting started now :D

  18. So what exactly did you have in mind? I have some free time tonight.

  19. Hey, if Qui Gon is too busy I could give you a hand with that merchant. Also did the robes turn out ok? Need anymore tweaking?

  20. Glad you like it :) since it was your request, I could send it to you before my mod comes out if you want? Just let me know where to send it.


    The chiss mod looks cool! I was never a big chiss fan myself, but people love them so I tend to put them in my mods sometimes.

  21. Hey, great work on the skin you posted! Welcome to the forums :)

  22. Then I'll work on the academy and send you the newest files I have when you're ready to do some work on it.

  23. Looks cool, definitely gotta add some depth to the skull. But it's nice :D are you drawing that on the computer or what?

  24. Don't worry about it, it'll just get you more excited than you ought to be :p


    I'm more concerned with the academy right now because I can't work on it until you give me back the files that you worked on, but really no rush because I'm working on some items for the newest merchant (check the thread). Just let me know!

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