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  1. Yep, there were a couple Shadowmere exploits in Oblivion too. Since he couldn't die you could "kill" him, "search" him, and put your equipment on his body. To get your stuff back you'd just kill him again haha. Interesting that he makes another appearance.


    Still don't have this game yet since my xbox is at school and that would just be bad. Looking forward to it over winter break though :)

  2. I guess he's talking about the CG trailers. I definitely think they fall into this realm since they look nothing like TOR's cartoony crap.


    I like the live-action trailer here even though it's a pretty weird thing to have... but still, soo psyched for this game.

  3. Well this is a f*cking huge request and I'm sorry to say it's unlikely that someone will pick it up, but it does sound like a fun idea.


    I have done Robert Downey Jr. as iron man if you'd like to use him, pictured here:

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  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with the effects. What do you expect from a fan film? I think they look great for what it is.


    I love it when a bunch of people get together and just make a movie and, like I said, as a kotor fan I'll be sure to watch it. Oh, but yeah, the mandalorian armors are pretty distracting :p

  5. I don't want to be the ******* who throws out his credentials and says his opinion is better than everyone else's, but I'm in school for economics right now, so I see a lot of wrong economic advice on TV and stuff. What's WRONG with us right now is that our economy is in a bad slump. It's survivable. It's cyclical. It will get better and then it will happen again in the future.


    Well said for sure.

  6. I really just don't think protesting is going to solve anything. At first I think the initiative against big business and all was a good thing. But now... people are just going to protest against anything and everything they can think of; it's so unorganized. It's become quite retarded IMO.

  7. Actually someone kind of did but it never got released. Unfortunately I'm blanking on the name right now but it's the dude who made the Jabba's palace mod. And actually if you search enough you should find it.


    All it did was add the new battle droid head to the war droid model. I thought it looked pretty cool from what I remember. I think I know where to look for it. Oh, and it was Xavier2 I think.


    Though it really won't do you any good besides letting you gawk over the pics, here you go http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=1719305&postcount=234


    Edit: Is there some way to, I don't know, import the NWN spell effects into TSL? Nevermind, we're not allowed to import assets from other games.


    Well not exactly... KotOR was built on the NWN engine. If you look through the game's assets, there is a TON of NWN stuff left in there. Thing is nobody has really messed with it all too much to see if any of it works. For example if you look at a weapon's item properties, you can see a bunch of strange properties that clearly are from NWN. But like I said nobody has really played with them so you'd have to do that yourself to see what works.

  9. Until Beth can master AI pathing, (or AI in general) I'd rather save my arrows for the enemy rather than my companion's back :¬:


    Note to the NPC's of Nirn, when I'm swinging a large sword.. please don't run in front of me to poke them with a dagger ;)


    Oh man... I think I killed just about everyone at the great gate battle in oblivion :¬: forgot how bad that system was.

  10. I usually think his ideas are good, the execution that is flawed.


    I totally agree with you here, but that's why I hate him. He pitches us these incredible sounding games that boast countless hours of playtime and awesome new features, but when the game comes out it takes 2 hours to beat and it's just *not that good*. IMO Molyneux is more of a salesman than anything else.


    I'll stick with the original Fable.

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