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  1. Hey what do you think of everything? Let me know when you're done working with stuff and send it to me so I can get it going again. Looking forward to seeing your stuff :D


    Also I decided I'm making a change. There is not going to be a part 2 to the sidequest. I decided we are just going to make the space station and the academy really sweet and over the top. Also at the academy we'll have a few quests, like you get to talk to Dak's brother and convince him what he should do with his life (you'll understand what I mean if you have already gone through Dak's dialog).

  2. Hey, I just wanted to apologize for that post attacking you - it was really unnecessary... I guess I was having a bad day. The internet has never helped anyone when it comes to interpreting messages :rolleyes:


    But seriously, welcome to the forums. Let me know if you have any questions about the forum or anything modding-related.

  3. Check yo e-mail

  4. Hey man, sorry I've been away for a while. I've been really busy and my computer died on me, but it's all fixed now so I'll be getting back on the mod. Expect an email this weekend full of everything I've worked on so far!

  5. Oh not a problem. Sorry I couldn't help! You had me all confused :confused:

  6. I have no idea what FoC or EAW is..

  7. I'm not sure what that means?

  8. Looks great! I have no complaints or anything, it'll be fun to make a matching hat. Sorry I haven't been much into modding lately - I've been swamped with schoolwork and am going out of state saturday for a while, but if I'm holding up FF with that model in any way I can try to get it done for you ASAP.


    And tell Quanon to ask "Seikan" about how he makes his helmets - I'm not entirely sure if they're "fully" animated (Because I'm guessing that's your problem) but as you can see he gets the job done: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Seikans_Armors_of_the_Old_Republic;115673


    Just trying to help :p

  9. A bunch of people there now if you want to join?

  10. Sorry I was sick all day yesterday :/

  11. Ooooh, very cool so far. I definitely like the wrists and white gloves. Thanks for helping out, I hope you are getting in touch with your creative side :D

  12. Sounds cool! I've got lots of hats from another mod I was working on before that I'm just gonna make the player able to buy in the academy now. Maybe a recolor of the Republic admiral's hat? Like an American midshipman... I'll just have to check your coloring out to find what to use. I can't wait to see what you come up with :D

  13. I was thinking of both, so whichever one you want to do most go ahead and do and I'll give the other a shot.

  14. Just a little update, I fixed the UVmap and also hid the pouch a little on the model itself, but when I tried to fix the anims the model freaked out and I forgot to save before that :mad: but anyway I'm pretty confident I can fix it up.


    The skin I'd like is extremely open-ended: what do you think a Republic pilot's uniform would look like? I figured you could have some fun with it, but if you can't or don't feel like it it's not a problem.

  15. Hey, I just used your modules tutorial but have a question. The module I'm trying to make is Davik's estate (m08aa). As I get to hex editing, do I have to hex edit every single model file that's titled "m08aa_XXX"? Because I tried just editing the first one, "m088_01b", but nothing happens in my new module texture-wise.


    Do you think you could help? I hope I'm explaining this well.

  16. Hey, just wondering: how do you get your NPC's to chill at their desks sitting down like here: http://www.lucasforums.com/album.php?albumid=698&pictureid=7604


    I have no idea and would love to have this in a mod I'm making. Thanks!

  17. Hey, I wanted to thank you for your modules tutorial. It was great; got it to work on my first try.


    Just had a question: I want my module to use unique textures. I know I need to hex edit the .mdl of the "old" module and change the names to my new textures (right?). But I guess my question is what in the world do I save the new .mdl as? Do I save it as the same name as my .mod file, or is there some kind of corresponding field in the .git or .mod file that I can enter my new .mdl name in or something?


    Anyway, I hope I'm being clear. Thanks in advance :)

  18. Whoa, looks like it was your birthday! Happy belated birthday j7!


    Let me know if you need anything, I can still adjust that map if you like. I'm eventually going to need a skin for a character in my recruit mod if you're up to it at some time? Let me know!

  19. No thanks, but I'm planning on having all that jazz in the Academy. I could probably use your help when I get to it, thanks!

  20. Thanks a lot, but I'd like to try this one on my own. It isn't finished yet. But do you have a recommendation for it or something?

  21. Hey, noticed that you mentioned to Qui-Gon that you couldn't take screens during cutscenes and dialog. Did you solve that? I have the same problem.

  22. Yeah I don't understand the hex edit part, what the hell am I supposed to change the values to? And how do I know the right lines? Confuses the hell outta me.

  23. It's looking good, I just have to work on getting it in the right place with the stretching of the UVmap. Also working to merge head models, I know its possible but can't figure it out. Do you know anything?

  24. I can't take off the legs because they aren't their own part of the model. They are apart of the "torso" which is the legs and upper body, so I could only replace the whole thing. I'll just play with making the male model look female and change the anims, that way you could just use the same skins for both and save tons of time.


    How does the stalker work for you?

  25. Oh hm I'm not sure if there's a restriction or not, I guess I just assumed there was. In that case I guess it's not a big deal with the 2 item thing.


    What, not too fond of the female fanny pack or something? :xp: I can make the male robe wearable to the female and make it more feminine looking (if that's what you mean). I can do it later tonight if you like.

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