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  1. you will definitely need a modding team.


    Logan does the vast majority of his own work and Trex did all of it. Teams for projects like this don't usually ever work because people lose contact or drop out leaving the leader to do the work anyway.

  2. i do not know how to mod even though i have kotor tool :mad::confused:


    You read the dozens of tutorials here and then you practice. Start with making a new item with new stats. Then make that item use its own skin. Or something. Start off small and you'll get the hang of it.

  3. Hmm, it appears i get a dark line down the middle of every female face i edit, the male faces seem to be fine :o

    this is strange.. maybe too much darkness is causing a glitch..


    It's just a problem that some computers have with a lot the game's head models :( it's weird and annoying but you'll learn to get used to it.

  4. The "blood and steel" trailer makes it look a bit hack-and-slash, but I'm just going to tell myself that it's because they're just trying to showcase the combat as much as possible.


    On the other hand, the character customization looks pretty good.


    Always did love middle-earth, looking forward to this game very much!

  5. I think I have a mark II skin I did a while back somewhere that was like 60% done - I can find that (no helmet though, I'm a terrible modeler). And also I'll do the Tony Stark head when I get a moment. I've been out of modding recently so it'll be nice to ease back in with this... but if anyone else is taking this request at all feel free because I might still be a while :p


    There was an iron man project a while ago that someone did that made everything including the repulsor things shooting from the palms, I'll see if I can find the thread...


    Edit: Found it http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=197592&highlight=iron&page=2


    I don't even want to show my skin publicly after seeing that! Awesome... but I don't even know if I have mine anymore anyway.


    Edit 2: I was right and I don't have that skin anymore - sorry! Also I can't seem to find my play disc for TSL so I can't do that head because the one I was going to use was in TSL, but if you have a K1 head you think would be good I can do that for you.

  6. Go requests!


    Ok, so I'm looking for someone(s) to make some headwear for a recruit mod I'm making.


    One of them is a beret like this:



    And a pilots helmet just like the Rebel's pilot helmets in the trilogy:



    Get back to me if you're interested so I can give you details and stuff. BTW, this is for K1. Whoever does this gets a virtual hug and some prime real estate in the readme. I suck at modeling stuff from scratch so I'd really appreciate it.



  7. You need to just make a bunch of shapes and move around vertices and attach the shapes together until they look like a weapon. For example the most basic gun could be a box (grip) with a tube on top (barrel).


    Also check this out:

    Google searches are often your best friend.

  8. I haven't opened gmax for a while, but there should be a tab on the right side toolbar called "create". Then go to "standard primitives" (I think) and you should get options like cube, rectangle, sphere, etc.

  9. a)replaces G0-T0


    There are too many mods that do this already. Also, now that we have restored TSL, every single character is integral to the plot in one way or another, so recruitment mods are kind of pointless in TSL now.


    It's highly doubtful that someone will pick this up because of exactly what SH said -- they'd be working from scratch.

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