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  1. Just to be honest on this. I think lucas lost out, when he didn't pay attention to what the ppl wanted to see in the Star Wars, an even Indiana Jones & other games, movies, series etc. Id love to see a TFU3. As it did leave the story hanging in the balance. But Lucas has done this to himself, an so we get disney, which has done many yrs of animated movies, amongst other things taking over. in regards to disney games, majority of them centered are centered towards kids 2yrs an older. Are we sure we really want them working on a game that does have medium violence, an tinkerbell easter eggs.
  2. they should also add the Maulkiller skin as well, and make all the crystals & skins available when they bring it out
  3. I dont think its impossible that he is the Original StarKiller, but seeing if you look to the dark side ending, and the additional extras, he would have to sell the deception also to the Dark Clone of StarKiller also, who isn't to say, whilst he had the Original SK with him, he was able to Clone another copy of him, have him killed to look exactly like the original, to sell the deception to the dark side cloned SK, whilst the Original one still Lives after TFU1, so hence, with it still staying with Star wars canon with the book, and as far as we know, this SK never saw the clone of the dead SK, but we know the dark side clone did, which leads is he also deceiving the dark side clone, when he showed the body.
  4. Now sitting back and waiting to receive my redemption code from Amazon pre order to get * Exclusive Challenge: The Mystical Swamps of Dagobah & * Exclusive Challenge: Defend "The Core"
  5. I hope they Remember that the UK and those in that time zone are 1 day ahead of them, when they bring it out
  6. by the video on youtube, it sounds like it will be coming out on the 16th of september for the demo, so about 1 1/2 months of demo play before the official game comes out.
  7. they definitely need to bring out a TFU3, but still lookin forward to playing TFU2 even though its not out yet, they'd be crazy not to, as long as we can get the choice to use whatever lightsaber style we want to use, whether doublebladed like darth maul, or single like he had in the 1st or 2 lightsabers as he is using in TFU2
  8. I pre ordered mine through amazon, but would love to have the silver crystal, which they will prob make available to purchase on xbox360 live
  9. I also noticed in those records they showed of when they were available to watch, that 2 records weren't there, i didn't think much about it before, but maybe it has something to covering 1138 & 1157, Ive seen the latest update on the website, and its a Blast for what it shows, I also remember hearing of 1138 returning in the website, but nothing about him leaving Kamino, what were those 2 areas where records of 1157 meant to have said, that were left blank.
  10. I remember hearing that too in the site update & wondering if in the game we are subject 1138 galen the original, who will be chased by subject 1157 if you look at the betrayal trailer, an maybe Galen will face this clone on Dagobah which he will have to kill, or maybe a twist to it, even if in the game we will be 1157, when reachin dagobah, it will show defeat scene between the 2 Galens, 1 the original the other the clone, an the Original Survives the Cave Confrontation, an Pretends to Portray Subject 1157. well we will soon find out when the game hits our consoles, an it will be interestin to read the canon of the books when they come out.
  11. well I hope they have fixed the force jumping, esp with tryin to get crystals in TFU that sucked big time, an there was no way to reach the crystals, whether they be across big gaps, or in the thing on felucia, was fun finding the crystals, was a pain in the butt, when tryin to get some of them, esp the ones you had to jump to.
  12. Well just saw the latest updates here in Australia for TFU2, getting very interesting, with your observation there Outer, i must go back to the empirical scene again in the game & the book an check that out myself. by what they have shown of the Trailers of TFU2, an the website, Lucasarts sure wants to keep us in suspense.
  13. Noticed some new files are on the TFU2 website, 3 more visions plus 2 more reports, hope they bring out some more images for the game soon, an finally the demo so we can play it
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