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  1. I'm awesome! How about you? What is an ad'ika? :confused:

  2. Name: Alexandrine "Allie" Harry Age:14 Gender:Female Species:Werewolf Appearance:http://images.elfwood.com/art/m/a/magi/goth_girl.jpg Personality:Friendly, fun-loving, mischeif-maker Occupation: High School Junior/Assasin for the Supernatural Society Weapon(s):Modified M-16/(Don't Know the name of this one) http://www.dreadgazebo.com/gunporn/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/mpa930ssta.jpg Vehicle:Black Chevy Avalance Bio:Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, "Allie" Harry was turned into a werewolf at a young age of 3. She lived in New Orleans for her whole Life, but moved when she heard about the SS, she couldn't help but join her brothers and sisters in species. She now hunts down the Rouge Vampires, and was put on her toughest assignment yet: Kill the Vampire biker leader.
  3. Is this one open? Name:Sammy C. Age:14 Genre:Female Species:Ghost Personality:Loves to play tricks, has few friends at all, loves to have fun, loves attention. Occupation:Explorer/Troublemaker/Helper to Dan Phantom Appearance:http://images0.funadvice.com/photo/image/121640/Anime.jpg (Human-Like Ghost Form) http://c2.api.ning.com/files/40DMI-fiOxu72KJM26BuW2vSSN2HPwjKh9siT3vfg9td9pp1dlC2uk54Uhoa7qP60c*7uMZD6fSPyQ0i4dqkXqS73M1rNSfy/cg_ghostwolf.jpg (Ghost Wolf Form) *Favorite Ghost powers: Ghostly Wail/Eco Blast/Animal(usually Wolf)-Form/Flying Bio:She was born of an Ectoplasmic Blast caused when Dan Phantom escaped the Ghost Zone and Fenton Thermos. Dan found her afterwards, and took her for his own. He told her all about what Danny Phantom did to him, and she now hates Danny. She now travels alongside Dan with great daughterly love for him.
  4. I'll look for the casting call for Shards But I want to use a differetn picture.
  5. Thanks, but I've read the rules And I'll join you're "Heacvy Midnight2-Shards". But do I have to make a casting call?
  6. Name: Revan Saren Age: 16 Gender: Female Species: Werewolf Appearance: Waist-length black hair, Blue irises with purple corneas instead of white, About 5'6, Tan-ish complexion, Angelic-like beauty, Wears a skin-tight black-leather suit with a black trench coat http://aimostudio.com/main/uploaded_images/Young-Revan-795510.jpg (her in normal clothes) Personality: Very cold at first meeting, but in reality extremely friendly Occupation: Bodyguard Weapons: Two automatic handguns around the waist, an m-16 strapped to her back Bio: At age 3, she was bitten by a rouge, hungry werewolf that did not have the guts to kill her once he had seen her beauty and innocence. She struggled in her own pack fo ryears, rapes being common, everyday things for her. She finally ran away from hr pack in search for a mate at age 13. She had run to her current location after catching the scent of other Wolves.
  7. Name:Isisus Yarin Gender:Female Age:16 Species:Human Affiliation:Sith/Sith Empire Weapon: Double-bladed red Lightsaber/Sith Sniper Rifle Rank: Sith Lord Portrait: http://aimostudio.com/main/uploaded_images/Young-Revan-795510.jpg (Her before beign Turned to the Sith) Bio: Isisus was born on Deralia, a remote system. After being found by a visiting Jedi from Dantooine, she was trained from the age of three, reaching the rank of Jedi Knight. When she was just about to be changed to the rank of Master, she was captured while fighting the Sith on Taris. She resisted her torturers for only a short amount of time, having wanted to taste the Dark Side of all of her highly disciplined life. She was later stationed on Revan's ship as one of is personal bodyguards.
  8. The female in the hiding in the tree came to a decision at last. She took in a great heave of air, and jumped down, landing ever so gracefully on all fours. She extended her three-inch claws to full length, but tried to hide it in doing so. She bowed on her right front leg to the Alpha, and held still.
  9. Hi. So you like Revan, too?

  10. Just a random thread to discuss one of Sega's greatest games, at least it is in my opinion.
  11. Another Wolf was stalking them in herjet-black, horse-sized wolf form. She stepped back slightly and stepped on a twig. Silently, she cursed herself. She jumped into a tree quietly in case the others decided to investigate.
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