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  1. So nobody even opted that the "stormtrooper" could be as much stormtrooper as Luke and Han in IV?



    Totally "don't care" about the saber-thing...

    The millenium shot looks cheap, but I can see why if it's still a year away.


    So overall conclusion; I can't make a conclusion at this point yet... why bother discussing it for the coming year when we can chill and just do something else :p

  2. From "You seem to have thought this through:"

    [You use these techniques against enemies and to protect yourself, giving you a bonus to experience, constitution, and Reflex saving throws.]




    [HK-47 has given you a greater understanding of the Mandalorian Wars - and the Jedi, resulting in an experience bonus, a Wisdom bonus, and a Force point bonus.]

  3. I've tried this modifying the regen.2da.

    Sadly, while it was effective for the PC, it seemed to make my companions invernable (as all their health got instantly healed) which definitely was not the intention.


    Maybe someone knows how to fix that, but if so I probably would have expected someone to have made the mod already...

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