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  1. Ah alright. I Might start modding again, will have to pretty much learn it all again though - been maybe 2 years? xD

  2. I Might actually, Im at University now but i left my copy of Kotor back home. I redownloaded Kotor Tool but dont have the game :L So after christmas i migh :)

    However Kotor Files looks dead, what happened there? and what do people use now?

  3. Hey Dak, hope life has been good to you xD Long time no speak xD

  4. Been a long time amigo, Hope life has been good to you (Y)

  5. Yeah never around now Lol :L if you still want to use it go for it, probs a little late now though :p

  6. For now just on the forums and playing mods (like ur swords mod ;) ) got Kotor tool but its not working for me atm will get back to modding when/if i get Kotor tool to work again xD

  7. I've been fine :)

  8. yeah i checked out the WIP, looking good :) and wait.... you couldnt talk before :S :p have fun on Vacation

  9. Things are fine LDR, recently reinstalled Kotor ;) Planning a playthrough and already have ur improvement mod ready, how have things been with you?

  10. Hey Dak, how have things been :p ?

  11. School ¬.¬ Not to mention i kinda got bored of Kotor, Kept picking it other school, then had like 3 essays to do in 2 days Lol, Still got a B though xD anyway i enterd an imrportant year and need to do well. Who knows i may get a urge to re-install Kotor and K tool soon ;P and may become more active on this site ? :)

  12. Jun Actually Survived.

  13. Kat's Smart, He Just Knows how to shoot things and has no outstanding qualities. But they bothhave pretty sucky deaths

  14. Funny how you pick properly the worst Halo Reach Character for your Avi xD

  15. Dak i've decided what i'll do with Mandalorian Assault. I use Kiin on Dantooine and make him a mando merchant who sells all the armours except! th Easter eggs which will remaine hidden in the game. it'll prob be done in the next week. when its doe could u sort out TSLpatcher then send it's changes.ini back with it so i can then add the read me and upload it



  16. I Have the 2DA, UTI's and Skins. But UTI's or 2DA could have some errors


    (e.g) In 2DA Skin could be named wrong and UTI could be set to wrong disgues

  17. DAK!!!!! OMG i was just browsing through a memory stick i lost like 3 months ago and it had MA on it. i completey forgot i had it. ofcourse it has no-placeables and i am without Kotor or Kotor Tool and this could have some mistakes on it. Got any Advice on what 2 do next?

  18. Dak. sigh.

    I recently had my computers motherboard fail epicaly and once again have LOST all my files (with no backups) so :( but there may be a chance that Mandalorian assault may be saved. :)

  19. :D Wanna go to Holty Forum? to chat? as the Xat crap doesnt work for me
  20. Hehe. I recently found like 20 Unfinished or Unpublished Mods on my PC :p Plan to mix em all up and dump 'em on the world :D

  21. K..... I plan on using the coloured skins for something i have planned :D

  22. Noooooooo


    Colours were a Joke. I have just explained that i was simply using them as placeholders so i could get a better understand off the area.


    Make it Metallic, with Rust that looks like it has been damadge by Smog (Black soot) but not a lot. :D

  23. Actually after you pointed it out i had to add that to the thread so i didnt get thos:


    *Ahem* EQuuuze Mez, but your WronG!!! n me sooo Coolio 4 ppointin tiz outs1111!!! Lol111111

    XD XD XD

  24. I went with my own concept not LucasArts

  25. Kyram its for my WIP :p


    Yes its ment to be xD

    Im making the W.I.P thread nowz xD

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