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    Riding, drinking, smoking, playing Battlefront.
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    Motorcycle Technician
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  1. I meant for someone or a group of poeple purchase the rights (if possible). Then they get together with some pro game designers and make the game. Or (this is the original radical idea) get some amatuers with some skill to do it. We could search this forum and others for poeple who are in school for it. Then we pool ideas for the actual game. I would be satisfied with that. You can't say that it isn't possible unless you spoke with the owners directly and they told you that the rights are absolutely not for sale. Game design isn't as hard as building an aircraft, which is something I plan to start on in about ten years. A homebuilt Allison 1710 powered Supermarine Spitfire will be more difficult..... But anyway..... A highly unlikely scenario, doing it ourselves, but possible.
  2. I would, but I am too busy with getting my career started. I really don't seek a career in game design. It is much more fun to test ride a motorcycle than test play a new video game. It was just a thought. I think someone should.
  3. I'm pretty sure they'd sell the rights. But for how much?!? Hmmm.....
  4. You know, I am a do it yourself kind of person. My parents wouldn't get me a motorcycle, so I bought and rebuilt my own. If whoever that was supposed to do it won't/can't, then why doesn't some other software group try to get permission to make Battlefront III? If I knew the first thing about game design, I'd do it!
  5. Well now that I know how to play online, I guess I'll see you all there.
  6. Not yet. I still need a cable. I have just been playing with "hard" difficulty set to sharpen my old skills.

  7. I assuming you were able to play BF online by you post. Am I right?

  8. Hmmm..... Sure is. Everyone here told me I must pay a monthly fee to be a part of a "network". Oh well..... Thanks!
  9. Would someone mind explaining to me what I need to do to play Battlefont online? Thanks!
  10. Is there anyone around here that wants to get together and play?
  11. My name is John Wesely Golden, and I live in the United States of America, in Texas. I ride motorcycles and work on shtuff that has engines and at least two wheels. I have always played the Rogue Squadron series, and ever since Battlefront came out, I have been hooked. My friends Taylor and James were my battle buddies. We did pretty good, Taylor's kills almost 100 percent head shots. He quit playing, and James and I still rock it every once in a while..... I am hoping I can find someone in this forum that lives locally that will fight with me me.
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