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  1. Hey bud, how have you been?

  2. Do you have a rough plot outline I could use to write a story about Alpha Squad? I love writing detailed stories, but I have a hard time thinking of a good plot :p

  3. Need any voice lines ner vod? :)

  4. Hmm...I think there may be. I'll do some snooping.

  5. Hey ner vod, check out CM :) Hockey posted a new prologue scene!

  6. oh ok :) Well if you need any more let me know.

  7. You mean the same skin, just without the swastika? If so, I'm pretty sure I emailed you it as the basic template :)

  8. haha thanks ner vod xD I'm drawing Boss, not lego style ;P


    and you have some AWESOME animation skills :D

  9. Ahhhhh :D well it's good to have you back on LF ner vod

  10. I'd be glad to, if you have a PS3 and when they get blasted PSN back up xD

  11. Righto, will do. And if you need any skins, you know where to find me.

  12. haha i just didn't know what it was ner vod xD

  13. YOur avvy scares me! D: lol

  14. Need anymore voice lines ner vod?

  15. do you have any tutorials on blender? I want to learn how you do those animations, etc :) and do you want your zombie skins with swastika or without?

  16. alright! looking forward to it. I'll get to work on some zombie skins, I've been sick today.

  17. By "deathtrooper skin", I assume you mean a zombified clone adult? Or something like that?

  18. Happy birthday ner vod!

  19. Haven't heard some of those. I'll check em out!


    Haha I know right? I have a friend and her parents think rock/metal is "evil". I respect their opinions on music but seriously? xD

  20. I'm a metalhead myself. I used to listen to Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin ALL THE TIME, but like you said; it started to have a pyschological effect on me so I stopped listening to it.


    Red is a good band :) As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Demon Hunter, and Corpus Christi are all excellent Christian metal/screamo bands. If you get the chance, you may want to look them up! Skillet is also a decent band, though I'm assuming you've already heard of them.

  21. that's really neat ner vod :) glad to hear you got out of that depression cycle. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and I'm glad you realized that.


    if you are able to find a link, I'd gladly watch! It'd be really neat to see you play live. and good luck with your job locating!

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