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  1. Nope. Guess it is limited to 1280x1024...
  2. Sorry, searching was ambiguous What's the story with playing TSL on a widescreen monitor? Is it just not possible? I'd like to play again, but it is just horrible on my setup...
  3. It would be an atrocity if not released for PC. Beyond forcing us to use crappy gamepad limited keys and stuck with antiquated engines for the freaking PS2, there would be no sequels, and worse: THERE WOULD BE NO COMMUNITIES. No editing, no mods, no custom content... I sewar, if LA screws this up, I'm going to pirate every other LA game that ever is released. They give the finger to us, they get it back. Sigh. The only good news is that 360 prices might drop by the time it is released. Or someone ports it as a mod.
  4. I haven't played around much with SW FPS games lately... What I do remember is, I think Academy, using heavily edited thinsgs to set up a saber duel arena, even for single player. Just fun slicing stuff off with the saber. Is that still the best we can do? What are the best mods to use to do this? Thanks!
  5. 1) My computer can kick any consoles' ass without thinking twice about it. It isn't a hardware issue - it is a hardware *compatibility* issue. If you've noticed, LA isn't very big on patching products along. Also, there is the decision to go to DX10 (which would really make consoles worthless). 2) There is an incredibly sad hit to the wonderful modding and editing communities. Going to console-only makes a vanilla one/two-play-through game. I'm going to be pissed if 360 prices don't reach a justification height by the time TFU ships. /wonders what the "FU" could also stand for
  6. Thanks. I resized my desktop on the monitor to 1280x, and it is working well enoug.h. It would be nice if LA/BW followed up on their products. I'd especially kill for TIE Fighter. :-p
  7. Greetings, I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find anything totally relevant. I run my monitor at 1680x1050. KotOR just runs in this tiny window, TSL in a bigger but still not fullscreen video... is there a patch or something to make them run full screen? Thanks for your time.
  8. *huff* OK, so I've been playing for a while (new to EaW).. I was alerted for my first fight against them Imps (PvM, I mean)... and only then did I see the upgrades possible for the space station... is there some way to reach them and research upgrades? Unfortunately, the words "Star, Wars, Empire, War" brings up a whole load of BS. Help me, ... er, whoever you are, you are our only hope.
  9. Indeed. All I want is basically a menu to spawn different combatants for more dynamic solo play...
  10. Actually, I got the game to run. It looks *very* nice with full details, and I'd love to play it. Unfortunately, it crashes to BSOD and reboot after about 5 minutes. I'm running the WHQL drivers, the betas cause more problems. DX Diag below http://www.zagadka.net/Zag-DxDiag.txt
  11. Sorry. Basically, a duel arena built specifically for dueling. I used to use the landing pads on the Bespin map for decent "rings"... and I remembered, I *did* have Force powers, so nevermind that anyway. So, anyway, it is a very basic mod, mostly interface, such as adding a menu and hotkeys to spawn the number, type, and skill level of opponents, then the fight begins. Not looking for anything fancy.
  12. Try running in windowed mode?
  13. Greetings, I've been scouring the JK* sites for a mod like this... I remember many years ago, configuring the client to use cheats and spawn enemies though command binds... but that was all very bulky. I'm looking for a mod that is basically one map, no items, no powers, just saber duels until you drop. That was my favorite aspect of the game. Very rare to have actual control of the weapon, outside of RPGs like Oblivion. If one is made, or you can suggest something, can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you for your time.
  14. Oops, forgot to mention. Yea, I tried that, it just made the .exe crash. :-/ Thanks for the tip though. Edit: Aha. nVidia just released drivers (101.***) that fix this problem... ... and open a new one. My monitor is a widescreen 1680x1050 sucker... it plays KoTOR in a tiny screen in the middle of the window, heh. So my new question; can you make it run in windowed mode for resizing? Since someone had to write a program to change the .exe to make it widescreen, I suppose that's the only way, though... Anyway, thanks. Edit 2: ARGH, son of a... It ran twice prertty OK (other than it crashing within 20 seconds of gameplay, but I attribute that to an override...)... now it is back to the 1/4 screen.
  15. Greetings, I did a fresh install and patch. I'm using a widescreen monitor at 1680x1050, which works fine with most games. I'm on Vista, x64. Anyway, when I launch and it gets through to the menu, only the upper left 1/4th of the game's screen shows. I can't even see the buttons. I tried the "ResPatcher" to no avail. This happens with both KoTOR1 and KotOR2, with patch and without patch... Anyone know about this issue? Thanks for your time.
  16. Hm, the windowed mode works, thanks for the solution. :-D
  17. Heya, I just got in my spiffy new WXGA monitor, and saw something horrible: KotOR won't play at anything better than 1280x1024, and simply stretches out grotesquely. So... is there any way to get it a better resolution, or at least make it run in windowed mode? TIA
  18. I brought this up before, but it was buried in a bunch of other stuff. Basically, what I want to do it make a permanent animation, a long term version of the Flurry hand animation. Or perhaps some kind of mod based on the plasma torch you get in the beginning.
  19. 1) Force Pull - Disarm. Be a badass like Vader and rip a ranged weapon out of an enemy's hand. Put a decent DC on it to make it not work 100% of the time, and bam. 2) Deflection Gloves - The basic concept is similar to the above scenario; Vader stopping Han's blaster shots. Basically, gloves that grant the non-saber reflection feats and add a bonus to deflect, but a small cost to accuracy. This can be either an unlimited use wrist item, or just regular gloves. 3) Gore, baby. Gore. I know that the Star Wars universe is fairly "sanitized" from gore due to everything cauterizing the wounds before it bleeds, but in almost every SW FPS, lightsabers have at least been granted the ability to slice off limbs. I'm obviously not asking that the model actually lose a limb - but just occasionally "drop" one on the ground when hit by a saber, so the corpse pile has a few stray body parts laying around. Further, I'd like to see some of the more destructive Dark Force powers (especially the High Level addon ones) change the enemy's corpse into the "chewed up corpse" model. I know I said 3, but I have 4. 4) I've dabbled a bit in the modding... I want to start out with something very basic - give the Miner's Outfit and other clothing some extra protection and bonuses, about the same as robes. The way I figure, if you're a Jedi on the run hiding from people, you aren't going to walk around in a Jedi robe, and I doubt that non-armored clothing really counts as "restricting Force powers"... Anyway, that's all for tonight. Thanks for your attention. Edit: I thought of a 2 more Force powers I think would be interesting... 1) Dark - Vitality Explosion (or something) - when the target is above 75% vitality, causes a huge explosion from the target, doing high damage and knocking back any allies near him/her. 2) Light - Force Generation - transfers the casters rage into a pacific state; when used while below 50% health, will give a substantial Force point boost. Hm, a few more... - Dark - same effect as a droid flame thrower; high damage to organics in a cone. - Light - Knight's Sacrifice - when above 50% of health, sacrifice all health to fully heal all allies. When below 50%, sacrifices all health. 12 seconds later, the caster "rises from the dead" with 75% health and 25% Force. Edit of Edit: I just thought of one more... Universal - Force Security. 3 ranks, each one worth 5 points of security (for a total of 15 points), non-stacking with the character's base skill.
  20. I keep trying to find ways to play through the game with different styles... I've done light and dark jedi/sith to death, with sabers, with Force powers, etc etc. I want to do a party based on ranged weapons. The feats are in place (Close Combat, Precise Shot), but there is one thing terribly lacking in TSL: endgame guns! Hell, even midgame guns! At about the point where you get a saber, guns immediately go obsolete. Blaster Pistols stay around the 1-12 damage range, 5-15 when properly upgraded. Blaster Rifles aren't much better. The only saving grace is that some of them do freaky damage types, like sound, but that isn't much when you have sabers that do Unstoppable. So, with that in mind, I ask with humility, if anyone can make better endgame weapons. I mean, with my current char (Weapon Master), I'm doing insanely high attack rolls and 20-70 damage (more if I used third party mods more). At the same time, a char with every pistol feat is doing around 10-30. The distance bonus for ranged weapons isn't that great. I'm not saying that a blaster should be as powerful as sabers - the game is sorta based around them and customizing them - but they should at least be an alternative. One weapon I've thought of is a heavy blaster, req Blaster Rifile Specialization, base damage 15-30, upgradable. I'd really like to see some decent pistols, as well. Maybe, if possible, some kind of additional option for Force users to concentrate on pistols. To sum it up, I'm sick of sticking with my Saber/Force/melee characters for everything, and having my ranged compatriots get eaten alive.
  21. I brough this up before, but now I'm seriously poking around with it (I'm trying to go through the game with the PC using only force powers). I've managed to "fix" the plama torch that you pick up in the very beginning of the game, making it do only 1-1 damage, but adding to Wisdom and Charisma. There are a few things preventing me from being happy about this, though. 1) As a melee item, it needs to have a better "look" - my original idea was using the animations that go around your hands when you use Flurry attacks. The plasma torch, noble as it may be, just isn't "impressive" or "cool" as a big **** off lightsaber. 1.5) Single or Dual? I'd prefer it be counted as a two-hand weapon with animations over each hand. 2) Level progression. To save a lot of time "planting" better versions of these in vendors or NPCs, I'd prefer to see it level, like <Your Name>'s Crystal - every few levels, unequip it, take it to a NPC (Bao? Disciple?) and have its mods go up (Wis/Cha upgrades, small defense add, etc). 3) Difficulty to attain. If it is possible to make it a leveling item, then I think it should be a mini-quest, with fair difficulty, where you rely on Force powers heavily. Ideas? Tips? Tutorial? Walkthrough?
  22. I didn't ignore him, I just entered a quick reply without reloading the page after a while. Sorry.
  23. Oh, one other feat I thought of - to give ranged weapons a little more "umph", a Quick Draw feat that lets them get off an extra shot when not in combat (ie, when they initiate it and aren't already being attacked). I dunno how that would quite work out, though, just floating ideas.
  24. One of the things lacking from D&D 3, which most of the KotOR gameplay is based on, is a very useful tool - cleave. For much of the game, you are struggling your way through hordes of enemies that attack you many v. one. While there are area of effect powers and grenades, there isn't much that you can do with a saber. What I'm proposing is a new series of feats. Requirement off of Improved Power Attack. The first one, Cleave, gives you a free attack on the next target within range when you kill an opponent. Improved Cleave would add a +2 to hit and damage, and Master Cleave would hit as many enemies as are in reach (akin to swinging your saber in a complete circle). Cleave would be a level 8-10ish feat, Master Cleave would be 18-20, I think. The feat only works with lightsabers (no other melee swords etc) and does not carry bonuses from Power Attack etc. Any thoughts?
  25. Hm, thanks for the thoughts again. Leveling up an item, I guess, is out of the question, as is the point of the glowing lightsabers. I'll see if those speed hacks work. As far as the armor/robe business goes, I would just be looking for aesthetics. I'm not imagining Mandalorian body armor on a Jedi, but some of the "Light Armors" look loose enough that they wouldn't restrict Force movement, and if they are given attributes similar to robes, then I think it can be called a fair replacement. I was thinking; how hard would it be to add or extend feats? Do they work like powers?
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