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  1. Thank you, I am making the website now. So, once I have it finished (and I have no idea when that will be) 3T will be officially open. I'll post updates or something on the progress. Oh, and yes, I actually have some members now (2 more than yesterday) Once again, thank you BokkenBlader56.
  2. ummmmm... possibly. Okay, maybe I just wanted to make a clan, but I wanna start something that could grow to be something huge, or it could flop. I have friends who might join, but I don't really know. I guess this could just be an experiment to see if I can actually head up something like this and if people will really join, or just say its just some noob trying to get friends. I dunno. I am open for advice on how to run a clan, and I do welcome criticism.
  3. Triple Threat is a clan for all gamers, on all platforms, for all kinds of games (or what I want it to expand into). It's starting out small, on BF2, and eventually I want to expand into other games (Counter Strike, CoD, etc.). Right now, 3T is: - for BF2 - for casual to hardcore gamers - for all types of gameplay (Conquest, CTF, Assault, etc) - great for different types of players, eg. assault, cqb, snipers, heavy gunners - in need of a website If you would like to join, just post a reply or something. -superdude678
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