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  1. Dude it's a ****ing video game. You reserve the right to not play it.
  2. It is what it is, I will still play it, you probably will still play it. It's a video game dude, if you want in depth story telling go see a movie. I hate when people have nothing to do but spend their days complaining on the internet about a Star Wars Video Game's storyline. Where were you when they put out Republic Heroes? Many, many, many worse games out there. It's a very simple eqaution. Palpatine= Raw Power Starkiller= Still an apprentice Palpatine-Starkiller=Palpatine They would've known if he survived dude. They can't keep pulling the same trick out; "Oh wait Starkiller was Stabbed by a lightsaber, thrown around a room, then thrown out to space and survived. A straight duel with the Emperor in the equation and he still survives? No.
  3. YES!!! He will most definitely be trained by Yoda! I wonder who he will see in the cave? Wouldn't it be awesome if they did like a prologue mission where you play as Yoda instead of Vader? Like the first one?
  4. Yoda will most definitely be in tfu2. Take a look: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/theforceunleashed2/
  5. It has got to mean something, I am positive that they are hinting to the story...Starkiller was imprisoned...and then forced to fight some great beast....
  6. This has to mean something...It may be hints to the storyline of the upcoming game or?...hell I don't know.
  7. Who thinks this is awful? I love the old republic...but I feel that they should have finished KOTOR off in a trilogy? Like WTF was Revan doing? We won't know now cuz of this bull****.
  8. Yoda's involvement in the game will probably be great...it's a marketing gimmick...and it's working. I am not at all opposed to him being in the game. I think he will train Starkiller in the beginning of the game. Maybe they will even do a prequel mission like at the beggining of TFU 1, but you will play as Yoda...OMFG that would be awesome!!!
  9. Yeah, actually you make a good point. They made up alot of material for TFU instead of using the EU. So that actually makes sense.
  10. Hey man settle down. It's not out of the question...I mean you fought Darth Maul...so why not have Galen find a holocron? Or Proxy uses ancient training simulation? I don't think it'll happen but its fun to speculate.
  11. Should be the primary antagonist of the game? I know that 99% chance that it's gonna be Vader or Sidious but any other possible ideas anyone?
  12. I think Co-op would be pointless...Starkiller is already incredibly powerful and works best without any distractions. I do really like the idea of multi-player like Jedi Academy.
  13. I would love a Korriban level man. That would be the ****.
  14. I mean its pretty obvious that none of these Sith Lords are alive. I was just talking about through holocron or battle simulation.
  15. I know man! That's insane because you didn't fight a Darth Maul simulation in the first game.
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