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  1. Unless you Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) use the life crystals on her, because then she kills herself, because she didn't want to end up greedy for the crystals like Brink .
  2. Where I live it is sooooooooooo hard to get someone into Monkey Island, or graphic adventure games in general. Everyone is an fps nut, except me pretty much. They regard point and click as gay little children's games. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!
  3. The only thing I really want to know is how adding the Monkey Kombat chart into the game is going. It would make that part of the game so much better.
  4. Yes, this game needs an SE badly. To this day I still find the game incredibly hard, and adding a hint system would do the world of good. I still have the old game in my room, but an SE would be awesome.
  5. Yeah, that's how everyone found out the release date for the game.
  6. Which one are you playing? Monkey Island 1? If so, are you playing the special edition, or the original game? If its the original game then that's just how the game is, but if its the special edition, have a look at the actual game's sound settings.
  7. The rumour mainly came from the fact that everytime the opening scene was shown it just skipped straight to "Deep in the Caribbean, Scabb Island", and there weren't even signs of skipping the credits.
  8. Leading back to the opening credits, is there anyone with review copies that can at least just tell us if the whole music and dancing monkeys sequence is intact?
  9. Or when guybrush picks up the monkey he says "perfect! a monkey wrench!" as well as the name of the object being "monkey wrench". They did add lines in Monkey 1, as well. In the circus after being fired from the cannon one of the fettuccini brothers says "the basic theory is fine", which wasn't in the original game, and when Lemonhead sees the idol, he says "ooh, that is nice".
  10. Sorry, my bad. I went on it and there was a little segment at the sony conference about medal of honor, and I mistook it for it being the 10:00 am on the 16th (GMT). Now we only have less than 10 hours until the Lucasarts show floor at Gamespot, and for IGN its about 5 hours more than that.
  11. I checked the ign live stream just now, and they're doing medal of honor. Only 5 hours left!
  12. Well, that was just the little intro thing for Lucasarts. I'm talking about this:
  13. Yeah, the think I'm most worried about is if the intro music bit with the dancing monkeys has been cut. They just cannot get rid of the best rendition of the monkey island theme.
  14. Wasn't that using a cheat program, though?
  15. Yeah, it's kind of annoying that people new to the franchise get it easier, when we had to wrack our brains with the original. It's iliminating a lot of the difficulty. Let's just hope the inventory doesn't work the same way. Hey, speaking of which, how would we use the inventory?
  16. So, when are they going to end the April fool's joke and go back to the orignal site?
  17. hmm, that's a stumper (no stump jokes were harmed in the production of this post). I know they could easily be turned into use, but it would've been funny to have jokes for it like 'turn on swordmaster', and maybe have Guybrush say something like 'it only works on Elaine,' kind of like the 'pick up bartender' in Curse.
  18. Hey, just wondering if LucasArts are at PAX East. That would be the best time to announce a release date for Monkey Island 2 Special Edition, and maybe some gameplay footage. Anybody going (I can't, coz I live in Australia)?
  19. I'm just thinking, is Lucasarts going to be at PAX East? If so, it would be a great time to unveil some gameplay footage, and perhaps a release date.
  20. Hey, maybe that should've been the cover art for Monkey Island 2:Special Edition. Although I have nothing to complain about the cover they used.
  21. Well, it seems like Lucasarts are planning to give us some more info on the game, soon. Check they're Twiiter page and scroll down. They say something about more monkey info coming soon, and that they cant wait to see our reactions. Wonder what that means. Trailer? A stage demo? The game getting release early?
  22. Yeah, I'll be glad if they delete those threads. I'm responsible for one of them, and I feel bad about it now.
  23. Why do I get the feeling that Telltale are announcing some Monkey Island related thing? The Tales DVD, perhaps? The site is under, maintance at the moment.
  24. Yeah, by the looks of things its almost as if the game is already finished,so I don't understand why they would be releasing it in Summer if its already done. Hopefully they will have some clips tomorrow.
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