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  1. JasraLantill, I though the low graphic settings gave me smoother gameplay too, but that ate up my ram horribly! and some people on various forums said that if you have a win64 system, then it's better to set your settings to high, and it worked, ram's only wasting around half of what it wasted before, so that's all good. don't have money for a new video-card, not to mention the one I have is pretty new itself...
  2. the problem is, I'm european, so the Asian server's closer to me and the American one, but back when I first started playing TOR, I played the European server, and tryed the American server as well, and it was pretty bad because of the huge amounts of players... =\ the game already glitches like hell by eating up my ram and because my video-card isn't as strong as it should be, so imagine my experience with playing a full server? =\
  3. I've received an e-mail from SWTOR about them consolidating the Asia Pacific Server into the West Coast North America server, something I can't agree with since I play on Asia Pacific, because it's the least populated and I can play there without as much lag. Do those guys even think of their members?
  4. Everything goes well untill I reach the door, behind which there's one of those tall trooper droids, as soon as I force-push the door out of the way and enter the room, the game crashes...I've tryed patching the game, tryed jumping through the door instead of walking (it helped me in some games, sometimes), but to no avail
  5. I downloaded the game (which took quite some time), then waited some more time before in installed, and then, just then, I got a message "Your computer isn't capable of running this game", imagine my outrage! I have no idea how to read tech requierments...
  6. I've tryed that, and it did remove a lot of swtor results, but I still bump into them >.> also, I'm not doing specific searches, perhaps that's part of the problem, anyway, thanks
  7. never played JK2 multiplayer, singleplayer was good, though I've noticed a few things that were pretty stupid (like Desann's lambda shuttle's cockpit not having glass and being smaller than Desann and Tavion). JK3's multiplayer had a lot of glitching for me + the lag and stuff...singleplayer story could have been much much more...also, I've never understood jedif (the jan with a double-bladed lightsaber), what is up with that? but if you want atmosphere and ambience, play KOTOR 2! it was rushed, sure, but it's still a great game! (especially with all the restoration mods out there)
  8. note: I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong room, but I'm not sure where else to post it So, this ain't a rant per say, I just find it utmost annoying that whenever I look for "jedi sentinel" stuff on the internet, I always bump into the lowsy SWTOR jedi sentinel crap about character building or two-blue-sabered duded in google images; the class system there ain't even cannonicaly accurate!
  9. yeah thanks, I'll check 'em out one more question on animation though, if I'd like to say, make Jaden a lefty, all of the other charaters will end up as lefties two, right?
  10. I've tryed youtube for tutorials, but most of what I found were maps, models, and texturing >.> also, what was that about animations?
  11. ok then, so almost a year has passed since the last update, any news?
  12. sounds cool, but how many campaigns are you planing to make anyway?
  13. ooh, I have a female-zabrak marauder too! yours is pretty good-looking, mine looks scary as well though
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