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  1. Hello guys. Today I downloaded again KOTOR2 with torrent.Now i have got windows 7 Home Premium. My problem is when i want to load my saved game it's stop at the quarter of the loading and never continues.So please help me i want to play again with KOTOR2.
  2. what the????????????? I waited 1 day now everything is ok servers show up again
  3. Hi all. I started to play with Jedi Academy 5years ago. Everything was ok. But today I installed Movie Duels2.I played with it then i bored with it.Ok i uninstalled it.Then i wanted to go and play on a server and servers didn't show up if i clicked on 'Get a New List' then i uninstalled Jedi Academy i though it will help but didn't help.Servers didn't show up. Please i need some help now how to fix it pls help me i want to play multiplayer on Jedi Academy pls help me
  4. yea i patched it to 1.01 and now i turned off the firewall ty the help
  5. Hi! Today i reinstalled the JKA and i wanted to play with multiplayer and i clicked on 'Get New List' and didn't show the servers i waited hours but didn't show any server pls help
  6. HI! I got a loading problem in SWKOTOR2.So while i playing and i save the game then quit from the program and want to play again i loading my saved game and at the quarter it's stoped and never continue.Oh and i got Windows 7 Home Edition.So what can i do? PLS reply fast ty
  7. ok i deleted,i did the second paragraf, i did the third paragraf but it doesn't unistalled pls help
  8. I tried it but it's too don't work
  9. Hello Guys (Say it plz when i am posting in the wrong section). Well somewhere in the past i've Uninstalled KotOR because of some reasons like It didn't Work on Windows7 . and I needed to Uninstall. I could Uninstall then Reinstall for the first time but the second Reinstalled it then I was puttin some mods like: Bastila Romance It didn't work( the MOD) So i was going to Unistall again it worked( the Game wasn't anymore in the Add & Remove Programs) it was gone. ( now the Weirdest thing ever) I Could play without the Installation because There wasnt a tab with Install on the third time. So I was going to Uninstall it again But the Game didn't Respond it is responding to all other tabs but not on Uninstall. ----Edit---- By the way i can put mod in the Override Folder but then the Mods doesn't work. It's really weird There is no icon of the game in Add & Remove Programs and still I can play KotOR I. So please people help me. So Guys Please Help me I Beg u all please.
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