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  1. Can't say publicly. My wife is lurking around those forums. Financial questions should be directed via pm.
  2. I did not know about this kickstarter and backing thing... and was a little slow. Damn it, I am stuck outside! Thank for letting us know what's going on inside.
  3. Today, I have a lot to be grateful for... Thanks for Peter Chan for creating this amazing CG artwork with due credit to elbiolin for his laborious hi-res "restoration" And thanks to the Khmer people to have preserved the mastery of relief-carving from their ancestors... This amazing piece of art sit now in the middle of my living room in its full sandstone splendor. Full story: here
  4. Thanks for your support guys. Hey I am testing a mouth replacement set (still a set of 3D model at this stage) for Lip Syncing... Do you find this realistic? (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) And here is an update of the set construction... getting there slowly!
  5. He is sticking some stencil on the carpet so as to paint the true-to-original carpet pattern. cplhenshaw won the quizz sometime ago!
  6. Thanks for the link VampireNaomi. I did not know this site... looks great. Glad to see that GF ended up as the No1 adventure game in their top 100 adventure game of all time! Tempting to drop a post in there to introduce my project but it's just "...your apearance... it's, well, a little intimidating". maybe later, when I have more to show.. Not so worried to be honest, neither about copyright issue (like you, I think this project firmly stand on firmly in "fair use" territory), nor - unfortunately - about Tim Burton revisiting for a 3rd time a stop motion movie with skeletons in it. Assuming that LucasArt was amenable to grant rights, and that some production house had sufficient influence and resources to seek it, two very big assumptions, I think that someone such as Henry Selick from Laika would have a better motive and claim: They have made a name from themselves with Coraline and would probably be a credible contender to court "the powers that be".
  7. Thanks you all for your nice words. An happy 2012 to the GF community. I think one day, Peter Jackson will wake up and realize that he NEEDS a stop-mo movie in portfolio. That would be a Director worthy of a Grim Fandango big screen adaptation! Right Manny?
  8. Your stop motion project is looking great!

  9. Hey Grownaar, Thanks for sharing this. Tried it on my environment. works like a charm.
  10. Thanks Okreano. Talking about watching the space... Guess what Manny's busy doing on this shot...
  11. Yes, you are right, the other approach is to have "stick-on" mouth, separate from the jaw-chin part which stays in one part with the rest of the head. But these tend to result in protruding mouth-lips like with Aardman animation studio (Chicken Run, Wallace & Grommit). To stay closer to the model, I wanted to have a more "flat" partially inset in the Jaw... This jaw-replacement technique is used by many recent stop-motion animation (Coraline), but it is harder. I hope I will not regret my choice.
  12. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!... it works wonder! I am now the proud owner of a BoneWagon in all its polygons splendor! Ride-on Baby! Raarrrrrrraaaarrrrrr
  13. I wish I could do this for a living, and get paid for having so much fun! halas no! this is pure, unpaid and costly, hobby. Hey cplhenshaw, I am glad you left a note on this thread because I wanted to contact you! I have been using your object viewer (most of Manny's and Celso's shots displayed on my production blog comes from you software). First I wanted to thank you for this little wonder that I am putting at best use! I wondered if you knew a trick to export dumped 3DO files into .OBJ files which I could use in a 3D editor. I have found, in a thread somewhere, a utility aptly named 3do2obj.exe which is supposed to do the trick, but it does not seem to work as intended in my environment. the .Obj file (or at least its txt content) is apparently generated but in the prompt line and I have no idea how to make it dump its output in a .Obj file, be it of the .txt or the binary kind. Since you seem to be the expert in this dark science... I thought you would have an idea...
  14. Yes, these props are "bare-bones". The seats will be padded, and wrapped in fabrics to match as closely as possible the originals. The table will also wrapped and painted.
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