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  1. Hello everyone, The Hammer's Fist is a group of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, a gaming club dedicated to all things Star Wars from an Imperial point of view. We are the oldest group of the Emperor's Hammer having been founded in 1995, and we focus on playing Star Wars FPS games and roleplaying (via member created fiction and forum runons) from the perspective of Imperial Stormtroopers. Games we support include official Star Wars FPS games such as Battlefront I and II, and also Star Wars modifications to FPS games such as Battlefield 2142 (First Strike) and Call of Duty 4 (Galactic Warfare). In addition to being an established gaming commnity since 1995, we also offer a large variety of non gaming goals and achievements. We have an extensive structure and chain of command, which means there are huge amounts of potential for advancement. In addition, there are many ways for you to be recognized for your activity and contributions to the group, including prestigious medals and rank promotions! Although you may start out as a simple Private in a Fire Team, you could eventually be promoted to a respected officer in command of a full Battalion of members, or more! To add to all of that, we also offer a large amount of training that includes everything from practical leadership courses to fictional topics such as Stormtrooper weapons and battle tactics. One thing I should point out is that after having been stagnant for some time, we have new and ambitious leadership and are looking to aggresively expand. That means we need people to help us spearhead our efforts to become active in various gaming communities. If you feel you have the skills and personality to be an important member of our group as a leader, make sure you PM me for more information! We are always looking for creative new members to help us grow and evolve. If any of these sounds even remotely interesting to you, send me a PM for more information or visit us at http://hf.emperorshammer.org! We also invite you to join our forums at http://eh.stryfe.net, where you can join our community and have any of your questions answered by an experienced member of the club! Finally, we also meet at the #hammer's_fist and #emperor's_hammer IRC channels on the Undernet server. You can also post any questions you may have here. Thank you for your attention! Sincerely, ~ Major General Astin, Prefect of the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion
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