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  1. I thought that that was part of the joke, that the picture was outdated so they drew a moustache on for compromise.
  2. If you read the readme, ScummVM gives you the choice to use the enhanced music from the Special Edition if you change the extra path.
  3. Just a test, this is what the first version (my version) would look with the correct aspect ratio next to the second version (LeChuck Norris') (both edited by LogicDeLuxe) My version isn't stretched, but LeChuck Norris' one looks smoother due to the anti-aliasing. EDIT: The reason Spiffy is squeezed/crushed is because SCUMM games were rendered at a different aspect ratio than they were to be displayed, meaning the 16:10 image was to be stretched vertically to 4:3.
  4. Well I fixed the leg width and the pants/shoe colour, but I don't know how to dither the background or the leg. Sorry.
  5. It's great! But it's missing the regular Cemetery theme and the music for digging up Marco LaGrande's grave. EDIT: Ooh, ooh! It's also missing the music for the Dinky Island Jungle! I feel like a jerk.
  6. Just a suggestion, can you put in an option to not use the close-up of Spiffy the dog? It sorta looks out of place, since it was from the EGA version.
  7. I know how no one's using this thread anymore, but was anyone bothered that whenever Largo entered a scene, (like in the bar or in his room) Largo's theme overlapped with the background music for a few seconds until the background music reached the correct transition point?
  8. Was anyone else bothered by Kate's leaflet and the Elvis Collector's Plate while they were in your inventory? They looked really ugly.
  9. How is mad Guybrush not complete? I'm not going to be getting the game for a while, so I'd like to know about some of this stuff.
  10. I love New York City in Sam & Max: The Penal Zone, because it feels so much like a city and it's so much like how I imagine New York to be (I've never actually been there). It's so grimy and dirty, there's always things going on in the background (mostly rats). I know it's not a classic (yet) but there's something about Sam & Max's New York.
  11. I have an idea. How 'bout George Lucas gets kidnapped by LucasArts' arch-nemisis: Sierra!
  12. It's not supported by ScummVM though, because it's a self playing demo. But if you press escape while the logo is showing, you can play it.
  13. In the original he was also standing in the sawdust, the part he was standing in blended into the floor.
  14. I wonder who created the wonderful ASCII artwork which appears to be a twisted perversion of the Brazilian flag that now graces Mojo's front page, under the title 'Mojo Sux'? EDIT: Note: The text at the bottom is usually invisable unless highlighted.
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