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  1. Okay am I the only person who will admit that the ps4 is the "better" console especially on the spec sheet.....but god I hate those dualshocks
  2. Well I'll enjoy my halo 5 while u guys are still whining about it lol
  3. If you truly enjoy gaming.......you will buy it.......
  4. Hey I think it would look real nice next to my HTC One
  5. Hey it may be a "brick" but that is the sexiest brick i've ever seen. I love my xbox I have a gold membership so no biggie. And hey my girlfriend could take some lessons from it about "sensing my heartbeat, all the time".......
  6. Awesome what is the easiest way to figure out what power supply I have and.......how do I unlock the other 2 cores???
  7. By adding a new graphics card and new cpu, would I have to replace anything else?
  8. I put it up to 1920x1080 and turned on vsync, antialiasing, and directx 11, but left the detail on objects at medium and it dragged butt lol
  9. Hey man how do you put you xbox live gamertag in your signature lol?

  10. Hey just wondering if I'm the only person not with the times that is still playing mw3 not blackops 2? Lol
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