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  1. Hey man how do you put you xbox live gamertag in your signature lol?

  2. Nah not really it is a pretty good mod, except for the fact you get very little items from the story line lol.

  3. Have you ever had alot of crash problems while playing Solomon's Revenge?

  4. Hey man i just answered your question....i think lol

    and when you want to send a visitor message to someone, like you just tried to do with Boba Rhett, you have to click on his name and post it on his "wall". Kinda like facebook if you have ever used it :)

  5. I'm.....fresh and fly ;)

  6. Sorry about that, I'm cool, and you?

  7. Just discovered cleverbot. All it seems to want to do is compulsively lie to me, change subjects and I find it really creepy it tracks my youtube history to see I like VG music and proceed to half-assedly insult me for it.

  8. Hey man, about your post in the RoR thread, as you can tell from RedRob's post; they have busy lives. So i made the mistake of asking that question when first got on and got an infraction, so i recommend if you are going to ask those questions, send a message to whoever is in charge of the mod. And i think i remeber a while ago that they had said that they were just over halfway done.....so they won't be done for a while, but that means when its is done....it will be EPIC!!!!

  9. Awesome....i think. I am um.....doing school, just spent all saturday typing up a paper so could send it in sunday :p

  10. Just chillin'. Going through my paper crap, finally forcing myself to make better use of that file cabinet.

  11. Awesome i look at them :)

    How has you been doing, i read something about something or other.

  12. I removed them to make more space for my modding pictures...which didn't work. Uh, you should check out my WIPs and Dak's. Those are the most active at the moment.

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