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  1. Hey hows is it going. :)

  2. Shouldn't you be doing school or are you homeschooled.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up on the RoR thread cause first I was like what...then I was like huh....then I was like oh. :D

  4. 3:30 Huh were do you live?

  5. Okay i guess school seems to be pileing up every were i look and my game computer is down so i can't ATTEMPT to mod anything so overall i can say it is going good :D

  6. Hey is the lost ones (K1 mod) a public group or is it mod discussion one?

  7. Sry had to do something.

  8. Welcome to the forum :D

  9. Hello, wonderful......:D When do you want to be apart of my crew ;)

  10. Welcome to the forum :D

  11. Fantastic and geting better, and what is up in life......school school and more school. :D

  12. Dang it GTA I couldn't get your stupid rick roll'd thing off my screen I had to freakin close out everthing. :(

  13. I am sure you enjoy it but your avatar is driving me crazy :headbump

  14. Welcome to the forms Revan twin. :D

  15. Whoa. I live in Texas and it is 11:43 a.m.

  16. Hey buddy how is it going :)

  17. You seem like a busy guy.

  18. You should create a Social group for your rpg, cause then I know I would join.

  19. Hey is LF Christians a moding group or is it just what it says.

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