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  1. I liked the mando profile pics better.

  2. How is your trip going? I am getting ready to leave tomorrow to go to a summer camp.

  3. Hey just played RC last night one word AWSOME. :lol:

  4. Well since you are geting ready to turn 18 you should fix your date of birth thingy. :D

  5. Well he just told me "never used to be but this is my senior year and things are picking up quite a bit ill get you in the next time i have free time k and if you're wondering i am still trying to work on tlo" that might be why he is busy.

  6. So......Have you gotten a hold of him yet?

  7. Ya every time I send him a message it is like he ignores it. Do you him personally?

  8. It sounds pretty cool and no I don't get forced to do anything my parents asked my if I wanted to. And I said yes

  9. I am going to a teenager camp.

  10. Not before because I won't have time to use it do it whenever you want.

  11. Hey I know you are working on other mods don't worry about mine it isn't urgent like I said I will be leave and I might be able to play the game tonightand tomorrow night I am going to watch Predators. :)

  12. Thanks man it doesn't have to be done now because I am leaveing the July 12th and comeing back august 6th.

  13. I like that last pic but insteead of the camo and red I want black and red. And I want The one I was thinking, then the orange and black one that you showed me, and then the grey and black one.

  14. earlier one of your posts said "rember, any modding of the game makes it so you cannot play MP" what is MP?

  15. I like the one on the bottom and the grey one on the top.

  16. Should I PM you what I think?

  17. No I don't know how to mod I was wondering if you could make one.

  18. I am just asking if you or someone else make it?

  19. Can I make a request for a RC Cammando skin?

  20. Hey is LF Christians a moding group or is it just what it says.

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