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  1. I do have those TOR saber mods still, Deadman did the light textures and made them turn on and off and the models were made by me - although I didnt really follow the TOR ones and just made up my own. I could try to reupload them to Deadlystream once I reinstall TSL and test the mod again and make sure everything works right, if ya want.
  2. Looks like you've been gone for a while. Hope ok. Would you like to do some voices for me?

  3. a few of my characters revisited, since now i know how to make UI-less screenies. Qui-Don Jorn, my main My assassin Sutoka, now at 39th and done with Taris. Ilson, my ex-tank Guardian. Now vigilance spec which Im really liking. ..and my newest one - a darkside Zabrak Jedi Knight Sentinel. 37th level. Q'el-Dor, father of Quidon, grandfather of Ilson..started as healer but moved to telekinetics Thom'ell the Shadow, brief descent into the dark side, struggling to come back to the light Lord V'dori Z'jinn want to make some new screens of Zaelus and a couple more new toons..
  4. Ok, a couple days ago I finally decided to respec Ilson from defense to vigilance because I was tired of being a bad tank, if only in my own opinion. The armor set is the same, but the mods inside are all different now. Got his new BH Pummelers chestpiece yesterday too. Now to strip it.
  5. Yes, I did. And it was a very large surprise seeing as how I very much thought you had forgotten all about it. ..*sigh*. Too late now. My apologies kind sir.

  6. Hey, did you get my e-mail with the Iacen VOs I owed you from ages ago?

  7. Yeah, my Guardian has been 50 for months and I still haven't gotten around to finishing Scourge's storyline. I think he's at about halfway. But ya know, that just means I just dont care. Revan just dosen't mean anything to me. Which is where I think I kinda fall in with the majority of the people that play TOR, they aren't up in arms about the Revan/Exile thing. Because they dont care. Revan is not the God-end-all-be-all of the story that the KotOR fans made him out to be. It's just alot of people that came from WoW or other games and had no knowledge of that character and could care less. Just playing and having fun. Which is what I'd like to think it's really about. TOR is a great/very fun game. For me anyway (and Mim too apparently). But ya know, I'm not butthurt, so...
  8. Methinks you are right. And sorry..but thats like the 9th time Ive seen it so now I am going to correct it, although I realize that you probably realize that it's not the correct word. FACTION is an opposing group. FRACTION is a math term.
  9. LOL...aaaah. Yeah... Funny stuff. Oh, dont mind me...please continue.
  10. You helped an Imp?? Why would you do that? You are, you know, at war with them. I never have a problem being flagged against my will (unless a player of opposite faction stepped in my aoe, which is still avoidable). If I healed a flagged player I get flagged. That's my fault. Been that way since launch. You are aware you're playing an MMO right?? Riiight....right. Make it the way Hassat wants it. Dude,..maybe you should just consider just going back to KotOR?
  11. You sure it wasn't you who did that? Yep, they sure did. So,.. how long is this going to go on?
  12. Agree. It's LucasArts's character, Bioware's story. Not yours. You can't change it, man. Move on with your life. Edited for correcetness.
  13. Atton is better than Carth. TSL is better than KotOR.
  14. Well, geez. You make it sound like I should jump back on my Jugg and plow through Hoth. I always seem to stall on a toon going to Hoth. But I was leveling a Sage heeeeaaaleeer..not just any healer.. Qui-Don's dad! The resemblance is uncanny..
  15. 3. Most ppl are just extremely impatient or have done them so many times they hate even being there and just want to go from start to finish without lifting a finger. " I dont want to do this, I just want my comms so I can go." I STILL find this very annoying but at the same time I find myself hitting the spacebar as fast as I can just to avoid hearing "spacebar plz". Which may be even more annoying. Amusing anecdote: I was doing dailies on Belsavis a month or so ago. As soon as I buffed and targeted a Rattataki leader to fight, some jackass Shadow in PvP gear (I hate PvP'ers) jumps in front of me and begins fighting my target. His explanation for this asshattery was that I didnt start the fight "fast enough" for which he felt entitled him to take the target from me. Ya know that little room area with the 3 stations furthest north on Belsavis where you get your dailies from? 15 minutes later this guy was hopping on his speeder to cross that room.
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