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  1. Looks like you've been gone for a while. Hope ok. Would you like to do some voices for me?

  2. Yes, I did. And it was a very large surprise seeing as how I very much thought you had forgotten all about it. ..*sigh*. Too late now. My apologies kind sir.

  3. Hey, did you get my e-mail with the Iacen VOs I owed you from ages ago?

  4. ah, whatever, dosen't matter.


    But yeah, my Qui-Don is a balance Sage..so he can off heal but he's mainly dps.

    Ilson Jorn (Qui-Don's nephew lol) is my tank Guardian :D

    Ilson's dad Q'el Dor, died during the Sacking..hence no extra Knight character having to be made. LOL

  5. lol,...Your Avatar says " Come and face me Revan Fanboys...see the true power of the Force!"

    "But first....LFG for Tank?"

    I'm sorry had to play on the tank healer thing lol =)


    Whats the Fanboys saying?

  6. Bashing Revan fanboys wherever I go..


    Speaking of, I should update that with my new suit..

  7. hey whats up!


    Love the Avatar pic!

  8. That thread should work fine. If anyone has a problem with the placement, they can come to me. ;)

  9. Hey I made a post about RCM 1.8 and you are probably the guy to go to.

    It's actually in the wrong thread too..oops.


  10. Cool! I will await them. :)

  11. Gravy.

    Yes, I'm in the process of moving my files over to the new RCM modules and re-editing the dialogs....etc etc..

    will email you new lines.

  12. I'll do 'em as long as you're actually going to make the mod. My post production is somewhat efficient, it would probably take me and hour or so to finish exporting 15-20 minutes of raw recording.

  13. Ok...I have made the decision to leave it as I had it...I had already done all the work, so why change it?

    I could email you all the lines I would need which honestly would probably be 15-20 minutes of recording for you, I'm not sure about your post production routine.

  14. Oh, that's too bad. Best of luck for your continuing foray.

  15. Actually, I don't know, I'm having the worst time trying to play/mod this game.

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