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  1. Wookieepedia isn't the source, it's a reference TO the source. And there are several images, if i recall correctly that point to Revan using a hilt just like the one i made. Aside from that, I found a screenshot of the actual item (Bandon's saber), which does use a generic double-bladed hilt (boo to bioware, being so generic since Neverwinter Nights). I took that hilt, made it a bit more unique (to separate it from the generic batch), and gave it a name. Might not be officially canon... ...but here is a way to actually MAKE it canon: Step one - write a graphic novel. Graphic novels are best because you can actually see the damn thing. Step two - go to Dark Horse comics and ask for copyright permissions from George Lucas. Step three - pay a hefty sum for those rights, get the review of a critic, and with some luck, get your novel published. Step four - Your material is now canon. Until of course, George Lucas himself decides to make material where your canon is trumped/overriden. In which case, you're screwed. (Clone Wars tv series is a perfect example of this happening) This at least, is how I seem to see it. And how I got the impression a lot of silly stuff in the expanded universe got called canon. Paul S. Kemp and time travel in Star Wars? No problem! As long as you have the money. But back to topic, if Revan is indeed seen wielding that hilt in TOR, then I'll assume that's the same saber he used since his retraining on Dantooine, which, as I've mentioned, is mentioned on WP and backed by sources. It's kinda like science really. Until someone comes up with something unique and the guys in charge of canonical content proclaimed that is canon, then this lightsaber hilt will remain Revan's hilt. At least in my eyes, since i prefer there being ONE established canon, and not fifty established canons like in the DC universe, where the same characters are depicted in 50 different variations by 50 different artists, and every single one of them is called canon.
  2. I figured as much; still - this particular hilt was labeled as Revan's by canon sources so even that counts as something. Now to a lot of you here that might not mean much, but another good idea would be to take some of the generic hilts from TOR that have been otherwise labeled as belonging to someone specific, and change them only slightly so that they're more unique. You'll know what I mean when I make Bandon's hilt in a few days, now that I've been armed with the information you've provided me with and this 'brilliant idea'
  3. You have a good point on the Force Sensitivity bit, Rtas. I did not notice that before (and I do find it a bit frustrating, since I was really hoping I could restrict it to the player character only). I was hoping to make unique hilts for every major Jedi/Sith character since I believe that the hilt is a reflection on the Jedi's personal craftsmanship and design (not to mention ergonomics, etc.) but it turns out that there isn't a lot of data regarding the personal lightsabers of several characters, notably Jolee, Juhani and Darth Bandon. I did see that there were unique lightsabers in SWTOR that apparently belonged to Jolee and Bandon respectively, however I do not know if the hilts they use are unique as well, or are simply one of several standard hilt styles, and that you can find other lightsabers with said hilts. As for Juhani, sadly, there is absolutely no data on any canonical hilt whatsoever. There are several pictures of Juhani and they all show her with a different lightsaber, so there's no established canon on that right now. I only played the trial version of SWTOR and the game isn't f2p yet, so I won't know for sure whether the hilts aforementioned are unique or generic until i get the full thing.
  4. Better then to just make the crystals that would fit the same hilt, possibly cyan/orange... get the cyan one from the elders (light side) and the orange one from the black tribe. I might do this myself eventually. One thing at a time please
  5. This would assume that canonically Revan gave his original lightsaber to either party, which he didn't by any known source. Revan kept his original hilt (link) well after his original visit to Lehon (Rakata Prime), and presumably kept it with him right up until the moment Malak fired upon his ship and incapacitated him. Wookieepedia suggests Revan crafted the hilt mentioned above after he was restored to the force by the Enclave on Dantooine, making that a far more meaningful location for the thing to appear. Additionally, adding attack bonuses and a restriction to the Force Sensitive feat would mean that only the player character can use it, and is more proficient with it than with other lightsabers.
  6. I won't upload it because I'm working to make it a part of a larger project -- an equipment visual overhaul. But when I do finish it, the player will be able to get the crystal with which this saber is constructed from master Dorak on Dantooine (instead of getting a generic crystal and constructing a generic saber)
  7. Nice going with that saber, good solid proportions, albeit a bit long. I made a low-poly model of that hilt myself just a week ago, but i only finished rigging it today. (that's how lazy I am). Here's a render + screenshot.
  8. Hello, I'd like to have a script decompiled for the sake of changing a single line in it. It's a short script, and has to do with the endgame cutscene (light side) I tried decompiling it myself using deNCS but it keeps failing for unknown reasons. Maybe it's the current java runtime. Maybe not. In any case, can someone also tell me which software can decompile ncs files nowadays, so I'll be able to do it myself? 00000008 42 00000084 T 00000084 0000000D 1E 00 00000008 JSR fn_00000015 00000013 20 00 RETN 00000015 02 06 RSADDO 00000017 04 03 00000001 CONSTI 00000001 0000001D 05 00 0224 00 ACTION GetFirstPC(0224), 00 00000022 04 05 000E str CONSTS "g_a_jedirobe01" 00000034 05 00 001F 03 ACTION CreateItemOnObject(001F), 03 00000039 01 01 FFFFFFF8 0004 CPDOWNSP FFFFFFF8, 0004 00000041 1B 00 FFFFFFFC MOVSP FFFFFFFC 00000047 04 03 00000000 CONSTI 00000000 0000004D 04 06 00000000 CONSTO 00000000 00000053 04 03 00000001 CONSTI 00000001 00000059 05 00 009B 02 ACTION GetItemInSlot(009B), 02 0000005E 05 00 0021 02 ACTION ActionUnequipItem(0021), 02 00000063 04 03 00000001 CONSTI 00000001 00000069 04 03 00000001 CONSTI 00000001 0000006F 03 01 FFFFFFF4 0004 CPTOPSP FFFFFFF4, 0004 00000077 05 00 0020 03 ACTION ActionEquipItem(0020), 03 0000007C 1B 00 FFFFFFFC MOVSP FFFFFFFC 00000082 20 00 RETN This, I think, is the script that equips a Jedi Robe on the player during the end credits. Only line I wished to change was g_a_jedirobe01 to g_a_mstrrobe08. If this isn't the script that does what i think it does, please do point me in the right direction.
  9. I recently acquired the Steam versions of both K1 and TSL for the pc, however I'm having issues getting Kotor Tool to detect both games in the registry. While I only had the first game installed it didn't detect it, but when I installed both games it only detected K1 but not TSL. So far, I've manually added the game paths to the Path Manager and it detects K1 without a problem, but it won't detect TSL. Is there a way to manually tweak one of the settings files so it detects TSL in the registry, or is there some other way to make Kotor Tool detect TSL? My game paths are both: steam/steamapps/common/swkotor steam/steamapps/common/Knights of the Old Republic II
  10. Ah... your point is well seen.


    But do you know anyway or anyone who can tell me how I can encode the audio to the right file type?

  11. I don't think that would be much of a problem, because I will be re-editing the tune, but either way, a lot of people on FileFront posted a lot of music changers (like for jk3 for example) which is featured in other Star Wars games and movies, so that won't be an issue.

  12. Also, I believe I found a suitable character generation theme for the mod. It's from TFU, but it has this strong Jedi-ish feel, not to mention that the tone is a bit deviant from the rest of the Star Wars movies, just like the KOTOR music is (probably because it was composed by Howard Shore, and not John Williams)


    Here it is


    Also, if you know how, could you tell me how to encode the streamwave properly so it actually plays in the game? Thanks.

  13. Whoops! It seems I accidentally deleted you as a friend. Please re-accept. (I was trying to delete a spam user)

  14. Hey boss, any new assignments lately? How's life been?

  15. Hey man, I'm done with the dialog files (was done for about 2 weeks now, I just forgot to send them). I like the phantom ship a lot! It feels like history in the making. Check your mail for the dlg files.

  16. I finished the dlg file you gave me. Come over to msn and claim it. I'll get ready to do the next one you send me.


    Also, check out some of the sabers I made available for JK3:


    I've also done 2 new lightsaber hilts from the kotor era:

    Warb Null's Lightsaber

    Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber

  17. I've settled my business with the exams and I am back with editing the dlg file. Thing is, the dlg editor's GUI is so small I can barely see the lettering, so I have to use the magnifier.

  18. I've been away for awhile, staying with some of my relatives, but just before I left I made another model, this time of Malak's lightsaber. As for the rest, I started working on it early last night, I'll go on today. While I was away I came up with a couple of ideas, so I'll probably write them up on my documents page later on.

  19. Creating the model from scratch would be suicide... nearly impossible. The software the devs used to create the models for k1 was way different than anything we have on our disposal. Porting, also wouldn't work despite the lucrative flexibility, despite being illegal. Eagh it's so simply enervating how people keep bringing it up. Porting is illegal. It's like every time you slow down near the sidewalk that the traffic cop yells 'parking is illegal', despite that you're aware of it 100%, it says in the rules, and is as such a consequential 'atarimae'. Seriously, I think bringing it up makes people seem stuck-up on the authorities (please don't take this personally), but it would be much less irritating just keeping it in mind that the poster has read the forum rules... Forget i said anything, this is getting off topic. But as I said, modeling from scratch would be an effective wild bantha chase. I suppose that we who work on the kotor modding area are compelled to working what little we've been given when it comes to the dynamic and animated stuff like full body models, armor and heads... at least until someone real smart comes up with a way of breaking these limits
  20. How do you suppose combat would even be possible with that kind of length? The blade would end up looking ridiculously long.
  21. I'm at college, but as soon as I'm back, I'll be done with the scene you gave me to work on... I've been a little away for awhile, so to say. Yesterday I went to take a nap at around 1PM and my mother didn't wake me up, so I kept on sleeping until 6AM the next day!! My mind was still part way in dreamland. Scary.

  22. Hey do you have experience in placing lightsabers in game? I follow all the tutorials but it still keeps confusing me and I can't seem to get the model in game as it should be.

  23. Oh no, I meant the coding for the hilt... while the scene you gave me to write is going on fine.

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