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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
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  1. What happened to your Jedi from the Start mod? I can't find it.:(

  2. Got it too work! I restarted the computer a few times, created a new character, saved, loaded and I could finally move.
  3. I got the games running and TSL works fine, however in K1, I cannot move with WASD. I have researched this issue and unlike the other people who experience it, I cannot move right from the start of the game. I have reinstalled and the issue still remains, any ideas?
  4. Will someone explain how to set the Open GL and Direct 3d to auto balanced with ATI Tray Tools? I have looked through the game profile settings and I cannot figure it out.
  5. what unmentionable file and yes I did
  6. I have followed all the instructions in the post and my game simply doesn't go to the new resolution. I run the patcher which says it works and in the .ini file I changed the resolution on both of them, but the game just keeps running in 800-600. I am trying to patch to 1680 by 1050. I am using windows 7 86 bit
  7. I liked elite squadron but the overall story sucked. The execution wasnt bad but the overall plot didnt work because you cant clone the force and X1 and X2 arent names. I am writing a revised overall plot and I may insert new missions. OVERALL - - Each act has a different playable, Falon Grey is the main character - No cloning - You play as: A Clone Commander, A Rebel Trooper, and Falon Grey - Falon Grey is in all of the act's as a commander - When your Falon Grey you cannot change loadouts - There isn't a ground:space switch every mission - At certain points you will switch to heroes like Falon Grey, Luke Skywalker or Rahm Kota - Starkiller in instant action for the Galactic Empire ACT 1 - - Tutorial - Takes place on Kamino - Overall the same - Tatooine - No ground to space - Very similar - Coruscant - Same - Cata Nemoida - You start off ground but not in space - At the end of the mission you take over Falon Grey and have to escape - Current character is killed - Dantooine - You play as the Rebel Soldier - Exactly the Same ACT 2 - - Death Star - Completely different - Trench Run - You break off near the end and play as Luke - Yavin 4 - Eaxactly the Same - Hoth - You start in the hanger - Same - Endor - Completely Different - Participate in the assault and fly into the second death star - Character is killed - Play as Lando at the end ACT 3 - - Bespin - Play as Falon Grey - Exactly the Same - Vjun - New Sith Lord introduced - Exactly the same - Mustafar - Kill the sith's apprentice - Exactly the same; minus wookies - Korriban - New Level - You fight the Sith's army and kill the Sith in the Valley of the Dark Lord's Comment if you have suggestions
  8. I finally got it to filefront after a few system glitches with screenshots but once it's up I will post the link

  9. Sorry. I am going to upload it now though!

  10. Hey. I really want to play your Jedi from start mod, you can upload it to http://www.filefront.com It's free and it doesn't pend. :¬:

  11. Trying to get a hold of achilles to release a new padawan mod.

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