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Status Updates posted by LDR

  1. Galaar chat?

  2. Did you find out what the problem was, in my republic cruiser module?

  3. That's great! When its done, your mod will be the first mod I'll use in my next TSL playthrough!

  4. How's the Korriban expansion? Get the TSLPatcher to work?

  5. You could keyword 'Mandalorian pics' or something. I don't know.

  6. What happened to your avatar?

  7. No. I'm on my Uncle's computer.

  8. The mods are going fine. Having trouble with something, but I think I could fix it.

  9. Sorry to bother you. Galaar chat?

  10. Galaar chat?

  11. Hey logan, you want to chat at Galaar's forum?

  12. Galaar chat??? You ignored my last 3 attempts of getting you on chat.

  13. Galaar chat?

  14. Galaar chat??

  15. Galaar chat?

  16. Ok. Meet ya there.

  17. Galaar chat?

  18. Galaar chat?

  19. Can I see the staff?

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