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  1. I mean pre-beta.

  2. Want me to send you a beta of my Katarr mod?

  3. newbiemodder and Hope Estein are helping me with the script that opens all the cell doors and the guards attack. I have the script that makes the iridonian fade away if you tell the guard captain what he's planning, but the script that makes the guards hostile is more complicated than you think!

  4. I'll make the portrait at the end, lol.

  5. And nice avatar BTW. It reminds me of Saren from Mass Effect.

  6. I don't know. Did you see my Prison Ship mod thread? I'm still working on the scripts. Feel free to voice your opinion on the thread, and put down some ideas too!

  7. So, your Revenge of Revan mod is nearly complete? If so, I would love to be a BETA tester, as I just finished Trex's KOTOR:The Jedi Masters mod, which was awesome.

  8. Thank you logan. I'll put you in the Thanks Section of the Readme.

  9. Well, the thing is, I don't know how to script. The only script I can do is a recruit script.

  10. Thank you, but what about making the iridonian fade out when you tell the guard captain what he's planning?

  11. logan! I need your help for a complicated script. On my prison ship mod, you talk to an iridonian prisoner and he talks about a jail break. When he says that, a terminal spawns in the maintenence room, and if you hit it, every door on the cellblock opens, with the prisoners attacking the guards and the guards turning hostile, and then the terminal fades away. Or you could speak to the guard captain about it and he will have a 'chat' with the iridonian. With that, the terminal fades away, and the iridonian fades away, and his force cage field turns off. Can you tell me how to do that?

  12. LDR

    Anyways, on my Prison Ship mod thread, could you post some ideas that could help me out?

  13. LDR

    I'm on Kotor Files. But dont let those 4 mods fool you, I'm working on 12 'big' mods.

  14. LDR

    Hey Quanon.

  15. LDR

    Thank you. AND, can you review my Recruit Ajunta Pall mod? It's a beta.

  16. LDR

    Shem. How come most of my mods in the quere on Kotor Files weren't accepted because they 'expired'? And why do mods 'expire'?

  17. Thank you. It's my first, 'real' mod!

  18. Nevermind, I just extracted them. Now what?

  19. HOW do I extract the mdls and mdxs?

  20. Well it's true! Your reskins are amazing, and I couldn't recognize the modules. And you made a custom modeled area! *cough* showoff *cough* Is making a custom modeled area easy?

  21. Yeah. From TAR to PR1. The only problem is HOW to get the PR1 prefix textures into that module.

  22. Yes. The prefix is PR1 .

  23. It's so very confusing. I HAVE the custom reskins. But I don't know how to put them into the module. THAT is the part I'm looking for.

  24. I have the reskins for the second module. They are custom named, and I don't know how to put them into the module.

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