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  1. He was never in BoS.

  2. LDR

    I'll need a link to the chatbox. Also, I'm heading to the Talent Show to record the guys who are playing music in it (guitars and whatnot) on the 12th, and I'm probably staying for the afterparty. xD

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't mind you pointing that out.

  4. Done. Varik is pissed.

  5. The space battle was okay with you? If not, I could change it.

  6. Well, maybe we could have two separate things going on? There could be everyone on Tatooine, and then all of the Jedi and Darrek Ulgo could be in the space battle? What I'm going for is that Caton Drea is able to successfully cut the engines but he is unable to escape. Then it crashes in the Eastern Dune Sea, gets attacked by Sand People, eh... What do you think?

  7. What, I have to start it? :xp: Okay, but you have to post in the Darkness Within.

  8. Looks like karma smacked you across the face. Now THAT'S what happens when you leave people behind. :xp:

  9. Of course I would!

  10. Alright. I sent you a message on Facebook so that it'd be 10x easier to talk about it.

  11. Did we leave Kif behind? If we did, then I could do a thing of him breaking out of the base later on in the RP.

  12. I almost fell out of my chair when I read your response to RPK. :lol:

  13. LDR

    Don't worry about it. Life sucks sometimes. :)

  14. Psst. What planet did he send to me?

  15. I removed them to make more space for my modding pictures...which didn't work. Uh, you should check out my WIPs and Dak's. Those are the most active at the moment.

  16. Don't worry about them. I found them when I found Dak's old recruitment mod files.

  17. Hey I edited my message - I THINK that's the texture. I remember that there were a few of them, not sure which one you needed. Also, if you need to add something to your posts, just hit the 'edit' button on the lower right side of the screen. Try to avoid double posting, the moderators don't like that stuff. ;)

  18. Sweet. You should check out my WIP page and Dak's WIP page. They've started back up.

  19. LDR

    Oh, nevermind. I see what you mean. I'll get to work on that now.

  20. LDR

    Your avatar. It looks like a blend of two people. I wonder who?

  21. I'll take all of them. Thanks!

  22. You should check your WIPs :).

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